About QiPro Sam

Qi (chi) is the internal life force that connects us to each other and determines how the environment affects us.

Pro is the individual who understands how to identify and interpret the Qi for beneficial outcomes.

Sam is the one who brings it all together so you can lead your life at your full potential!

QiPro Sam works with Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology to help people remove the barriers that sabotage their success.

Life isn’t easy, and understanding how to tap into the natural resources in your environment can elevate your every move and be your secret to success!

QiPro Sam coaches aspiring students of Chinese Metaphysics to elevate their consulting practices and help them attract their ideal clients.

With a flair for performing, QiPro Sam loves Professional Speaking opportunities and is the perfect addition to your next corporate event, fundraiser or client appreciation event.

Chinese Metaphysics is a mystical subject steeped in history and Sam has a knack for de-mystifying, entertaining and enlightening the crowd!

What is Qi (chi)?

Qi is life’s breath; it is the life force underlying everything around us, and everyone in our life. It is everywhere.

Qi is also the energy meridians acupuncturists activate with their needles and the internal force martial artists use in their moves.

Life is Qi and Qi is life.

Feng Shui is the helps you harness the energy of the environment and use it to your advantage.

When done proficiently, this energetic exchange will provide financial security, emotional stability and give you the impetus and drive to succeed!

Feng Shui is used to identify which homes are the best new purchases, will provide optimal return and provide a life of abundance and prosperity.

Likewise, Feng Shui also identifies which homes are not beneficial to purchase and help you avoid a decision that will cost you irrevocably in your future.

Chinese Astrology (known as BaZi) helps you understand who you are and how to become the best version of yourself!

Beneficial for personal development and uncovering your true skills, BaZi gives you confidence to excel.

You will make better, more informed decisions that will empower your personal life and professional moves.

Did you know BaZi has a secret connection to the corporate world?

BaZi saves time and money by aligning the new hire to their best position by identifying their skillset, and how they can be the right addition to your crew.

It’s time to activate your life and achieve those goals you set for yourself.

Financial freedom, loving relationships and career growth are within your reach ~ you deserve to be happy!