Can I Attend A Course On My Mobile Device..?

Absolutely Yes!

We know as a modern student, you are on the go, and we want to support you any way we can!

iPad, iPhone, Android, laptop, or desktop: all will work for viewing your course materials.

Now, having said that... QiPro Sam offers online education, and works via the internet / wifi, and the best internet connection is most often at your home, or in a private and secure location.

Consider the environment you are in as you log into your account to start watching a course video, and ask yourself:

  • Is this a good time for me to study?
  • Am I in a private area, acting responsibly with my teachers course materials?
  • Could someone be scanning my internet connection to hijack my access info?
  • Is the internet connection strong, and able to provide consistent video delivery?

QiPro Sam streams videos in a very secure way, offering video delivery options (HD, non HD, 720, 406, 270 & 180) and a mobile connection may be of lower quality.

This is ok, as long as you understand public wifi may reduce the video view quality, and of course, public viewing may be noisy with lots of interruptions.

How, when and where you study is up to you - we simply speak to mindfulness and respect to your teacher's dedication to their presentation for you.

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