Help ~ I Lost My Password & Don't Know My Username!

Not to worry, we all forget things in today's fast paced world, let's get you back on track pronto!


Go to the login page (login button top right of the website) enter your username and then click on 'forgot your password' underneath the blue login button.

A password reset link will be emailed to the email address you used when creating your account**

Your password is best to be something you can remember, and yet something others cannot guess. Your account is private for you alone, and cannot be guessed by others for them to gain access.

All membership accounts are individually owned at QiPro Sam and become a breach of our terms and conditions if shared.


Your username is the email you registered with**

We highly recommend you use your most active email account to help with login memory.

A username cannot be changed.

In the event of a forgotten username, possibly deleted email account on your computer, please contact us directly, and our support team will assist you.


Please notify us immediately if your email address has been hacked / stolen.

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