Chinese Astrology is the art of understanding a person by reading specific aspects of their birthdate.

Also known as Eastern Astrology, it is not the opposite of Western Astrology, in fact the two are perfectly aligned. They simply use different terminology to explain themselves.

Professionally, Eastern Astrology is known as BaZi, which reflect the 8 Chinese characters found in a birth chart.

How can an Astrology Reading Help Me?

Understanding your Astrological chart helps you positively manage the ‘pivotal’ moments in your life, like why:

  • you respond to situations in a certain way
  • some jobs are more aligned with you
  • you experience hardships at certain times of your life
  • some life changes are positive, and some not so much…

BaZi is not a fairy-tale crystal ball reading, it is a science and factually based approach revealed to guide you.