Chinese or Western Astrology..?

Western Astrology & Chinese Astrology are quite different, and yet intrinsically the same. Aren't you glad you asked..? 

Both professions work closely with your date of birth, and on the surface they look incredibly simple. Take a closer look though, and you will soon learn that many intricacies lie within the collection of numbers in your birthdate...

Whether a Chinese Astrologer or a Western Astrologer, each will consider the month of birth as a pivotal point for reading, and create a chart foundation with this at the centre of what they do. 

Western will have references names like Aries, Leo, or Capricorn, and will link to transition times and constellations. We all love a good read, and while standing at the local cafe stop in the morning, our eyes are sure to slide over the daily newspaper horoscope column to see what our day is really going to be like...  

Chinese Astrology will speak to animal names, like Horse, Dog and Tiger, and will present traits of these animals that are imprinted upon your chore and will forever shape your life. Who doesn't love those clever placemats in Chinese restaurants, entertainingly sharing our apparent 'traits' with our vegetable chow mein & lemon chicken. Of course, no meal would be complete without the famous fortune cookie with desert - clearly our real destiny..!

Whichever Astrologer you speak with, one thing is going to bind them together in a uniquely fascinating way - they will provide the same reading. 

Of course, your story will have different descriptive words, but the meaning will be undeniably the same. 

Which Astrologer is best for you..? 

Both are excellent choices, I guess it may depend on whether you are a coffee drinker, or love Chinese food....   


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