The Really Big Deal about Your Birthdate

Western or Eastern Astrologers will base your birth chart on the month you were born (most people are already comfortable with that) so why the sudden interest in the day of birth then..?

Well, in Eastern Astrology (Chinese) the day of your birth is you, you and only you.

The month will support this day (or not sometimes) and still plays a crucial seasonal aspect, but it is always the day that draws a Chinese Astrologer the picture they need.

The day of birth provides us with something called your 'Day Master'. No I don't mean 'who's your Master?', we are not talking genies in a bottle here... although I do fantasize about finding a golden lamp...

Your Day Master is what we work with when studying your Four Pillars of Destiny: more affectionately known as '4P' and BaZi.

So what does 4P mean?

Come with me, I have a story to tell...

Basically 4P breaks down into 4 pillars (columns) about you: time, day, month and year of your birth. These columns have two distinct areas: Heavenly Stem (element) on the top, and Earthly Branch (Animal) on the bottom. Each column has great significance over various areas of your life: after all, it is a book all about you.

A good book needs a table of contents (index) where you go to look up specifics of the book and your Day Master is exactly that: it is your personal index. If we want to enjoy the story and get the full impact, we need to know this key character well and determine its 'strength' or 'weakness.'

We do this is by viewing your month of birth as it becomes the binding that holds the book together. You see your Day Master is you, the other pillars are your supporting cast, and the flow of the story is best if smoothly planned out and connected.

Now let's jump to real time and think of this like chapters in the story. Will the Day Master prevail alone, or will she need support from the other characters? Does she have what it takes to overcome the villainous character that creeps in the shadows...? ooh I do love a good mystery..!

Another important aspect is recognizing which 'chapter' of your life you are currently in. This is crucial, as we all know timing is everything. These chapters are called Luck Pillars, and it becomes very important to understand the key character (Day Master) and the current chapter (Luck Pillar)

Reading this book of you, is exciting, and a fluent Astrologer will paint a wonderful picture to help you understand your destiny.

The purpose of a Destiny Reading, is so we can understand ourselves better. After all, we are not all cut out to be the CEO of a company, some of us are better suited to support roles, while others are team players... and we may not see ourselves as we really are.

I am not one to burst anyone's bubble, but wouldn't it be easier if we could play the role we were meant to?

Why support when you're supposed to lead?

Why lead when it clearly is not your strength?

Understand your strengths and you can set yourself up for success.

Understand your Day Master and you become the author of your own amazing story...

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