Can Money Buy You Happiness...?

With so much emphasis on having the right furniture in your home, the right car in your driveway, and the right clothes in your closet.... are we missing an important piece of the happiness puzzle that online sales don't want us to know about...?

Um ~ Yes peeps, we are!

No matter what questions I am asked, the core is often the same: money.

We can't seem to live without it, can't seem to live happily with it...

When we don't have it, we believe it is the golden ticket. It will bring us love, happiness and that skinny black dress we've been eyeing.

When we do have it, we worry that people love us only for our money.

OMG, can you see the irony here!

We buy everything we ever dreamed of (especially that skinny black dress) which then sits in the back of the closet, behind the newer version purchased yesterday....

So what's a person to do?

Stop relying on money to buy you happiness!

I have the pleasure of working in some amazing homes that have every latest nuance of technology.

The counter tops aren't scratched, they are custom waterfall natural stone.

The furniture isn't mismatched and collected over the years; it's antique, unique and collected over travels that meant something and hold valuable memories.

Some have gorgeous Chinese objects that even I yearn for.... but the items in the home are not what make the home a happy and successful one....


Feng Shui doesn't care how much money you have, if your counters were shipped from Italy or your stereo flown in from Germany.

Real Feng Shui does not collect air miles!

Airmiles Plane And Car Pexels Chalo Garcia 3868895

Often confused as complicated, only for the rich, or for those who seek spiritual guidance, Feng Shui has been misunderstood for years ~ and we need to fix that.

Feng Shui is super simple;

"It is the art and science of understanding how the environment affects you..."

You can be rich, poor, white, black or multicoloured ~ Feng Shui wants to support you exactly as you are ~ it kinda deserves it's own rainbow crosswalk actually, as it has it all goin' on!

Feng Shui seeks to harmonize your home with the environment around it so you get the best of the best.

Ultimately we seek to cultivate the good qi, downplay the negative qi, and enhance your immediate surroundings to cultivate your best life.

Yes ~ it really is that simple!

I totally get why there is confusion that money can buy better Feng Shui, because sometimes it can buy a better home, or a better positioned lot for building ~ but it's the location that wins out, not the finishes, and you must remember that.

We all look around to see who's got what, to compare our circumstance with someone else's, it's totally natural. There are definitely advantages to having a decent bank balance, but Feng Shui is not in your bank account...

Feng Shui is the environment factor, and layered oh so carefully over that, is you.

Seriously, it is not what we have in our lives, it is who we have, and how we help those who need our help. You don't need the 'latest and greatest' to have good Feng Shui in your home.

What you need is to live cohesively and in harmony with your surroundings, so you can tap into the naturally occurring benefits that can support you.

Yes, I get that you can't 'see' this Feng Shui I'm referring to, but you can learn to feel it, and to let it affect your life positively.

When you live with good Feng Shui, good things come to you, your life really can be that simple.

And remember, do unto others as you would have done unto you ~ and that you can have for free my friends..... after all, it's not about the money....

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