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Been having a little fun with your horoscope, reading placemats in Chinese restaurants and learning all about your animal sign...?

Hmmm... I wonder if you've been reading the wrong placemat all this time though...?

Did you know your Chinese Horoscope works with the Solar calendar, not the Gregorian one most people think of...?

For example, if you were born in January 1965, you are not born year of the Snake, you belong to the year before, and are actually born year of the Dragon...

Ahh...Yeah, figured there might be some confusion, so how about we sort that out, right here, right now ok.

Enter your birthdate into the online calculator below, be sure to check the male / female box and enter the hour to the best of your knowledge. Go ahead and click 'Calculate' and voila, your Chinese Astrology chart will appear before your very eyes! If you are on your phone, be sure to turn the screen sideways so you can access all the relevant information boxes ok!

Super cool right!

Now you have it ready, take a screen shot, or at least write down the words underneath Hour, Day, Month and Year ~ you can sidestep the purple LP column; discussion for another day!

Special Note: online calculators do not take into account location of birth and daylight savings, so there may be some discrepancy with the hour, but they are an excellent place to start!

Alrighty, now you have this information, what shall we do with it...?

Ooh, I love this part!

You will have 8 pieces of information, in 4 columns, with two pieces of information one on top and one below, in each column:

  • The top layer will be elements (Wood ~ Fire ~ Earth ~ Metal ~ Water)
  • The bottom layer will be animals (Rat ~ Ox ~ Tiger ~ Rabbit ~ Dragon ~ Snake ~ Horse ~ Goat ~ Monkey ~ Rooster ~ Dog ~ Pig)

You may have up to 4 elements and up to 4 animals, or elements and animals may repeat and you only have a couple of each.

Now don't worry, your astrology chart is exactly what it is supposed to be, so do not compare yourself to a friend who has 4 animals and 4 elements thinking he/she is better because you only have a couple of each, and they have more; it doesn't work that way.

Quality is far more important than quantity ~ be sure to remember that!

Ok, let's move on.

So much focus is placed on the Year of birth, whereas in actual fact, the day is far more important than the year.

The DAY of your birth is YOU through and through. Think of it this way:

  • The YEAR you were born is 1/365 of you
  • The MONTH you were born is 1/12 of you
  • The DAY you were born is all you baby!
    • Yes, the HOUR is important, it is a very intimate part... more on that soon!

The Day of your birth starts with the element, and uses the animal underneath it like a base, a foundation of sorts, and then uses the Month of birth as a pivotal point for everything about you.

For example, if you entered the birth date of May 22, 1983 @ 7-9am ~ female, you would see this:

This birthdate has a Day Pillar of Geng Xu ~ Metal Dog, with a Dragon in the Hour, Snake in the Month and Pig in the Year.

I dare you to try something, read those Chinese placemats again, except this time, read all the animals and see how the forecast feels...

Each animal in your chart will connect with specific areas of importance in your life, and must not be overlooked...

In a basic once over, the 4 parts to your Chinese Astrology chart connect with:

  • DAY is YOU, your partner, health, sense of self and the core of who you are
  • MONTH is your environment, parents, life focus, career and how you view the world
  • YEAR is your global reach, grandparents, corporations, mentors and social media presence
  • HOUR is more intimate, it has lovers, is more private, investments and children

We don't necessarily look for people in your birth date, it's more that we can find the relationships value in those areas...

Understanding your Chinese Astrology chart can be complex, yet simple at the same time, and professional help is advised, but don't discount your own skills here!

The DAY you were born is super important, and I consider it the focus. The month supports that day, with the year and hour playing supporting roles to help you navigate your life.

Go on, read about all the animals next time you are ordering chow mein and see what comes to light!

You'll be pleasantly surprised....

Curious to know more about the Day you were born, how about you read this Day Master Blog, it has you written all over it...

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