Do I Have A Guardian Spirit...?

Your Guardian Spirit is actually a Ming Gua, a guardian bestowed upon you at birth that has a tremendous influence on many areas of your life, and the decisions you make...

Think of this like your personal GPS, calibrated just for you, to take you where you need to go ~ and it never needs updating, new batteries or a wifi connection!

It is believed that your personal destiny chart is created as you draw your first breath, and your life path then placed before you to walk upon.

Quite a lot to lay at a baby's feet right...

Ming Gua's are referenced as numbers, from 1 - 9, with special attention on Gua 5, which actually morphs into 2 for a male, and 8 for a female...

Some will not consider this morphing, and stay firmly on the 5 itself, as the 5 carries a power second to none...

Others watch carefully, and use the transitioned Gua number, with the strength of the 5 always just under the surface...

It's important to remember that your Ming Gua is far more than a number, and yet... oh so much can be gleaned from understanding this simplistic numbering system...

Curious to know your personal Gua number..?

Use our handy-dandy online calculator ~ Simply enter your birthdate, choose the gender and click calculate.

Focus on the top right hand box where it says Ming Gua, as that is your personal Gua based off the birth information you entered. The yellow boxes below, and corresponding numbers with (Y) and (M) are for Year and Month of the energy chart at the time you were born ~ simply sidestep that for now ok.

Now remember, your Ming Gua is not you, yet it will define your innermost relationships and is a guiding force in e-v-e-r-y step you take and e-v-e-r-y move you make...

Is it just me, or can you hear Stings' melodic voice rising in the background as you read that last bit...?

Ok, you ready to learn more about your Ming Gua...?


I have exactly what you need; follow these links to personalized information for all the Guas designed specifically for you ~ with a special edition of all 8 too!

Ming Gua 1

Ming Gua 2

Ming Gua 3

Ming Gau 4

Ming Gua 6

Ming Gua 7

Ming Gua 8

Ming Gua 9


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