Are You Truly Loved in Real 3D Time...?

I am truly loved.

I know it from the all-encompassing love that surrounds me: the unconditional love of my family and the protective love of my friends.

In a world where Facebook tries to choose our friends, Twitter sets the trends, and Iphone apps watch our heartbeats, it is easy to forget what true heartfelt love actually is.

We can go through life pretending we actually know the 2647 friends on Facebook, or the 1812 followers on Twitter (not my stats I assure you...) or we can logout electronically, and login more emotionally...

Not so long ago, I faced a health challenge, and it kinda knocked me sideways and yet helped me see what was truly important!

While we worked out the details of what lay ahead, I was spoiled by those who truly know and love me.

Hours of adoring playful fun, teasing from my children (who apparently know e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g there is to know about life) and friends playing hooky from work to simply hang with me: I was and am truly blessed!

I have ridden on the back of a Harley that ripped up the road with exhilarating speed, and released my innermost thoughts while dressed head to toe in leather - there's something I never thought I would say... :)

My point is, focus on the people in front of you, not the ones who just updated their status...

Social Media can be beneficial when used correctly, however it most often turns into a place where people try to become who they wish they were, a sort of alter ego state if you will, and that just isn't real.

Real friends don't care if you have the latest Gif, the newest emoticon, or the trendiest twitter feed...

How about you step outside and feed the actual birds: I hear their tweet every morning as I sip coffee ~ can you say the same..?

The last year has taken a toll on us, emotionally things hit bottom right, and life now has to be re-evaluated and rebuilt.

I was fortunate to come out ahead of my health challenge, and I'm pretty sure the positive outcome was due to all the love I received while we waited for answers...

So how about we change things up and reset our position!

How about we go back to basics and simply connect in the simplest of ways, with no apps or emoticons to assist, simply ourselves.

If you wish to be loved, send more love out, and it will come back to you tenfold!

And when you love me like you do, I will let you set the pace - what are you waiting for....?

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