Do You Believe In Miracles...?

There are times in our life, when pain peeks, our hearts are heavy, and we turn our eyes upward and ask "Why?"

We look for someone, or something that will swiftly change our predicament, and take away our pain, mostly because we feel unable to do that for ourselves.

We have come to rely upon buying or finding answers to our problems from Google or Amazon (with free shipping no less....)

Guess what my friends, we're looking in the wrong places...

As a metaphysics consultant, I get to work with fascinating people, seeking everything from "is this a good year for my family Sam?" all the way to "How can we successfully negotiate with that 3M company Samantha?" quite the swing of my skills.... Either way, the end result is eerily similar: a successful outcome that makes everyone happy.


Now there's a word that covers a lot of territory, and one year, I finally understand what Happy could be.

When we forecast potentials for a year ahead, even I cannot see everything exactly as it is to be - try as I might, my magic 8 ball is cloudy some days....

2016 brought heartache to my family's door, and even though I knew we were to experience challenges and prepped my family as best I could - I held back one vital factor that changed everything.

I chose to stand alone and keep them safe, ensuring they had everything they needed to maintain focus where it needed to be, which did not include their focus on me.

As I watched the months unfold, I reached inward and upward for guidance and wasn't sure what I would receive. I mean, it's a big wide world out there, and I'm just a speck on the horizon right...

Why would anyone shift their attention to me..?

I believe strongly that 'what you give out is what you get back' and I took it upon myself to make sure everything I did, I did with pure unconditional love. Yeah, yeah, that sounds a tad sappy, or as my husband says 'a bit tree hugger-ish' - I get that: I did it anyway.

I knew I had to physically, emotionally & mentally cut out all that was hurting me, and yet felt I couldn't do it by myself. I withdrew from the world, hid myself from view, and then began to realise something. I was not alone, never alone in fact, and I did not have to do this by myself.

All I had to do was ask for help. So I did.

Everything shifted.

I was connected with professionals to take care of me, who cut the poisonous problem from my breast and a higher source who wrapped me in unconditional love that secured my inner strength.

I often remind you to remove whatever is not working, whoever is not supportive to you, and walk a new path. Have you done that?

Back then, as 2017 drew ever nearer, I knew I was ready to emerge anew, but I'm wondering if you are ready for that now...?

As I prepared for some quiet family time away in the Caribbean, I knew we would find great joy, happiness & healing in every moment shared together. We learned through 2016 what really matters: to cherish life and ensure that love is the base of everything we do.

No one can know all that is to come our way each year, and a little 'unknown' can be a good thing.

If we are solid in who we are, firmly rooted within our family, with hearts wide open for every wondrous possibility... Ahh... then the unknown can be something quite amazing indeed.

Some say miracles aren't real. I know the miracle of love is.

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