What Direction Should My House Face..?

While it would be heavenly to be able to say: "build your home to face 'X' direction and life will be perfect!".... life just doesn't work like that.

There are no preset 'good directions' or 'best top 10' as real Feng Shui considers the natural landforms around the home, and their direct affect on that home.

Trying to find the optimal direction to 'Face' your home is a tad more complex than where are the utilities coming in from or where the sun sets...

How about we chat about this 'Facing' bit first, so we're on the same page together!

The Facing of a house is the most yang side, the most active side, which is not always the front door, so many become confused by this.

Your home could be situated on a river-bank, beachside, or overlooking an expansive view, and such locations are incredibly active with water, people and naturally occurring Qi (chee)

Qi is the big deal here, as that is what we connect to the Facing and why many ask this exact question. The Feng Shui Facing is not rocket science, its quite logical ~ look to the most active side of the home, where it was likely built to 'Face' directionally, and you have your Facing.

Authentic Feng Shui is all about understanding how the environment affects you, it really is that simple. When your home is situated in a positive environment, it will be affected positively ~ likewise, when it is situated in a negative environment, it will be affected negatively.

Now, how come I can't give you an optimal direction to build your new home so it faces the best direction...?

Because I don't know the environment you are in.

No point in me saying: "Face your home to the North, and you'll be rich!" if the North area of your new home is a sewage plant, or industrial factory... I mean seriously, you don't even want to look at either of those, and you can imagine what kind of Qi seeps out from them toward your house right.

How about I explain it like this:

Imagine you are sitting on a chair, you are facing (looking toward) the North direction and you are ready to smile big and make this the best day ever right!

Now I come along and place a fan in front of you... you think, this is ok, I could use a cooling breeze, so you welcome the fan.

Not so fast there smiley...

Now I place a plate of rotting fish in front of the fan, turn the fan on full blast and ensure it is blowing right at you.

... so how you feelin' now...?

Hmm.. thought so, now you get the jist right. That Facing direction has become not so nice, even though you thought it was good when you first sat down on the chair.

Ok, so let's keep going, is there a way to mediate your stinky predicament...?

Sure there is, if I turn your chair so you are Facing a different direction, everything shifts.

The fan is still blowing stinky rotten fish smells, but you no longer have to inhale that, or even look at it as you are Facing the other way.

Ultimately I don't want your new home anywhere near a sewage plant, factory or other negative form, however, sometimes it is what it is right.

So, my moral in this story, my takeaway for you:

  • Don't focus on the direction, focus on the environment

We'll build a home to suit the environment, taking advantage of all the positive aspects, and downplaying any negative ones.

Remember, Feng Shui is all about how the environment will affect you...

Yep, it really is that simple... and my work here is done!

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