Where Does 2021 Take Us Sam...?

Dare I say to infinity and beyond...?

Or is that a bit cheesy for our wisened ears and curious minds...?

Yeah, I guess it is... heck, ya gotta give this gal some freedom to have fun, it's been a slog through 2020 😉

So, a new year, a new way, or are we on repeat from last year...?

It's ok, we are in a different place from 2020, but I have to say, we're not out of the woods yet... which I'm pretty sure you already now right...


This blog is a tad long, kinda just like the year is gonna be, so settle in with a glass of wine, as we need to get to it!

2021 is referred to as Xin Chou

  • Xin is Yin Metal
  • Chou is Ox

Now remember, the element and the animal spoken to here, are simply markers of time; 2021 is far more than the words Xin Chou.

Personally, I love how they roll off my tongue every time I say them though...

I love to dive into 'what' they represent and even as simple markers, they are pivotal directional points for us, so let's have a chat about what they mean ok.

Xin is delicate Yin Metal, often likened to beautiful jewellery, small metal objects and finite decisions. It is far softer than its Yang Metal counterpart of 2020 (Geng) and as such we will see better communication and an eye for details that will help us overcome lingering issues.

Xin is also leans toward a more feminine stance, which cultivates a collaborative (rather than forceful) way forward, and we need this big time.

Xin voices are quieter, with purposeful intent and lean towards understanding what is not said, more than what is... Xin likes to imply...

Chou is an Ox, that hardworking animal who ploughs the field making it fertile for the year ahead. Head down, no-nonsense, this is a get-it-done kind of year and lines will be drawn in the soil that others need to follow and adhere to.

This part won't be easy, as today's modern world says we can have it all 'yesterday' where Amazon has become our instant go-to and we get it 'our way..'

Nah-ah... The Ox promotes slow and steady progress ~ his way...

Can you see what these markers are showing you...?


What delicate metal object could we possibly need this year...?

And how do we move forward, recover and replenish ourselves after the relenting attack of 2020...?

With needles providing a vaccine of course, and a lot of hard work ploughing through the mess of 2020 to rebuild the fertility of our world.

Yep, in some ways, it is that simple peeps. We have a new door for 2021, and it's time to open it wide and walk through it...

Ox Door Knob 1584274 1280

So what exactly is behind door Ox 2021...?

Well, I love to keep a positive spin on things, and strive to see the glass not half full, but overflowing with goodness... gonna be a stretch this year peeps...

I shared that Xin Chou has delicate jewel-like qualities endearing to those who are prepared to work hard, and hinted to achievements if you simply put your head down right...

Yeah... 'bout that... 🤨

Remember that saying; "all that glitters is not gold...?"

There be danger in them sparkles of 2021 peeps... and it's in a deceptively clever format...

Ever pricked your finger on that rogue claw securing a diamond in that ring...?

How about the back of an earring... sharp little buggers at times right...?

Yeah, Xin metal can draw blood effortlessly, especially when you are not looking.

The Pandemic is not over ~ there, I said it...

You were thinking it ~ I just put it into words for ya.

You're welcome 😇

Not only do we have to deal with the variant popping up, causing havoc with vaccinations and anti-restriction rallies that turn ugly real fast...

But we have to look the other evil in the eye: money.

Contrary to what many seem to believe, there is a point we stop printing money...

We are to become accountable for our actions this year, and for some, that will prove too much.

Emotionally, we're hitting a wall, whether you believe Covid or not, for this conversation it doesn't matter, because the wall is right in front of us.

Hit head here.

Yes, the Ox will push and push and eventually break through the wall... but it ain't gonna be easy.

I need to get a bit techy for a moment and talk about what's inside that Xin Chou I teasingly placed before you, as then you'll see what I see.

The first word Xin is what everyone will notice, which can be seen in the 'hope' of the all clear signal on the vaccine. The 'economy will rise' cheer and the 'we can go back to normal now' consensus as we step outside.

The problem is that second word; Ox, because it becomes the support to Xin, and it has a rather dark side.

For Xin to be useful and execute with finesse we need some fire in the mix, as fire is hope, fire is that star in the sky we look to for guidance.

Alas, our dear Ox is rather cold, no fire in its belly, known for being a grumpy sod... and not about to follow any star in the night sky 🤦‍♀️

We will make progress, because we are determined to (another Ox incentive this year) and as we progress to the summer months, fire comes forward and yeah, we begin to move ahead.

Fall tips us back a bit ~ but not too much because by then we are closing in on 2022 and there be fire in them there hills, and we shall rise!

There is another hidden structure inside the year that is bigger than Xin Chou though, and this is a tad worrisome as it shows potential for deaths related to metal, directly related to the earth.

This can be cars on highways, trains on (or off) their tracks more so than planes in the air, and yes, it has multiple ramifications.

I would be remiss not to mention that issues with bullets and knives will rise too, and it will come from the people, it could show itself like a coup, an attempt to overthrow, and (the worst part) attempted assassinations.

The reason I speak to this, goes back to that proverbial hitting of the wall ~ the masses have had enough, and are looking to lay blame and governments will be their target.

Is that fair...?

A bit of both ~ but primarily not fair, no.

There is a concern for water rising from beneath the earth, which can be Tsunami, likely caused by offshore eruptions / quakes and connects all the way to landslides.

Yeah, I know, Negative Nelly here ~ don't shoot the messenger ok ~ I'm covering massive territory right now, so this won't affect everyone.

Stay cool peeps.

There will be issues with cloud security, so be ready to protect what is yours, as breaches will cause data loss, or worse, data kidnapping.

Yes peeps, data kidnapping is a thing, look it up!

Now on the flip side of that, insurance companies are gonna have a heyday with record-breaking years (ugh... premiums likely to go through the roof) as they will be in demand.

This is both from cyber theft, and natural disasters...

Digital marketing is on point, as e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e is online and your attention is their currency!

Of course the healthcare industry is poised for new technology (no surprise there) and virtual clinics will spring into action.

The wellness industry is also poised for greatness, not so much from 2021, but more from the fact we are moving toward 2024.

What's the big deal about 2024 you ask...?

Haha, oh my goodness, you have sooo much to catch up on ~ a blog and podcast for another day my friends.

Staying on track with 2021, spiritual enlightenment and a desire for Metaphysical services will intensify each year now, and be huge in 3 ~ so get ready peeps and join my world.

I gotcha covered and I'm ready for ya.

Alrighty, ready to switch gears and check out your Astrology...?

2021 Ox—Chinese New Year Of The 5837213

If you are unsure what your Chinese Astrological chart looks like, pop over HERE and work it out ok ~ then come right back, we got stuff to discuss!

Ok, let's do a quick run-through, primarily focusing on your year of birth ~ please keep in mind, in a professional consult, we look at all aspects of your chart, this is just a peek ok.


Ok, technically this is your year and there is great confusion if you are offending the year, jinxed, or stomped on by the year. Well, first things first ~ it's none of the above ok.

Because it's an Ox year, you are somewhat in sync, as Ox's are quite happy to plough a field with a friend. You will have the option to step into the spotlight and somewhat strut your stuff ~ but you still have to do the work of having something to strut, so it's no cake walk!

You'll have the chance to lead, but that comes with great responsibility and that will wear you down, so be kind to yourself. Set clear goals and be prepared to show others whatcha got, as they think you don't have it in you.

Oh yes you do ~ so get it done this year!


Ooh, this one's a bit fun, as there is a lovely aspect called Red Matchmaker around you which will help you build a deeper and more intimate relationship with someone special...

You'll need to kick your own ass into gear at times, or you may slip into a negative state, and no-one likes to be around a Debbie Downer... so don't be one!

If you're not sure which way to go, look for guidance, as many are near and willing to offer not only their ear, but their wise direction too... A clever Tiger knows when to be still and listen closely...

I would make a concerted effort not to be alone this year, you're gonna need a few pick me ups, and your loved ones are ready to do exactly that!


Hmm... bit of a tough year for you, can't sugarcoat this one... but I know you can hop around and sidestep issues, so get to it!

Yeah, you will be working a bit harder this year, possibly have to prove yourself and deal with situations that may not appear fare... guess what, they aren't, but you have to hop along with it...

2021 is pretty much what you make it, and my advice is to put a focus on health, some great R & R, and know that if you want to change careers, or update the one you have ~ you have to put the work in to make it happen... no magic wands waving over you this year I'm afraid...


If you are in my inner circle, you know how I feel about Dragons...

Dragons be cool. Dragons have my attention. I love Dragons.

I'm hoping you aren't planning on a quiet year in the background, 'coz that ain't gonna happen! You will be sought by others, searched online, contacted, prodded and poked, because everyone wants a piece of you... so give the people what they want.

My one piece of advice, my little whisper in your ear... please do not seek perfection, it is highly overrated and will literally tie you up in knots trying to achieve it.

What you do have going for yourself in 2021, is your in demand ~ so lean into that, and show 'em what ya got!


Are ya lookin' for some status, possibly a new title, job description, or plaque on your desk...?

Good, because that's on route to you, so dust off your trophy shelf and make room!

You'll have the opportunity to somewhat reinvent yourself this year, or parts of yourself (depending where the Snake in your chart is) and that can be fun, just don't get lost in daydreams ok.

Use the earth of 2021 to ground your ideas, as then they can take flight and become a viable venture.

Oh, and don't go picking a fight, just to pick a fight... you are likely to be in the wrong, so just sidestep the whole bloody thing altogether ok.


Thank god the clash of 2020 is over right! You went through a lot last year, and things are better this year... but ya got some challenges too...

On the business front, you can gain ground like no other and cultivate a powerful position, one of authority and honour. This I like for you, but don't let your ego run rampant with this, you still have to perform ok.

Focus is your F word for the year!

Talking of F words... on a saucy side (oh c'mon, I know you want to know this stuff...) yep, this is your year, as you have a certain something called Salty Pool constantly on your mind.

Such an effect will push your eye to roam, your heart to race and I have to call it as it is ~ passionate lust to overtake your every thoughts.

Now before you get too excited for this, it can be problematic, because I'm not saying this is love, I'm saying this is lust... Yes, the two can blend for sure, but you're gonna have to work at that.

Keep your eye on the prize and use this for good intent. What I mean by that, is if you can't step into the passionate side safely, use this magnetism on social media to create a following and derive 'em mad...


Oh boy, you are the one on the hot seat this year, as you are clashing with the Ox of 2021... Not the best place to be, and this can cause issues with work, home, love and money, all depends on where the Goat is in your chart!

You're gonna need to put a tight hold on that wallet of yours, as stores will beckon and encourage you to overspend... Think carefully about what you need, what you want, and what you can afford.

If you're going to spend, make it count for something ok. No... new shoes aren't a good ROI... think again please!

Oh, and I expect you're gonna have some moments of doubt this year, possibly hold back because you are afraid... You know what, who cares, just give it a go ok. You'll never know until you try. So try.


Here we land on a big one, as the Monkey is massively favoured in 2021 and can achieve a heck of a lot.

Whether you are ready or not, others will be looking to you for direction, wondering what you are doing, why you are doing it, and where you are doing it.

This is excellent if you work on social media, as you literally can become influential and lead others. They will simply want what you've got on offer... yes, that even includes a bunch of bananas...

The one aspect I would be mindful of, is that when you become the focus for other people... that comes with pressure and a sense of overwhelm can arise all too easily.

Make time for yourself to recharge as then you'll be far more useful to those who need you. They'll be asking you to solve their problems... and that is both a cure and a curse...


My oh my, you are going to work hard, possibly too much, so be aware of who you may discard in the pursuit of career... because it may not be worth it...

Yes, you'll find yourself in a position to lead, to eloquently present at work and it can become intoxicating... but long hours make Jack a dull boy... and Jill's hair limp...

With success comes stress, so know that 2021 is a heck of a ride for you, and you don't have to arrive at the destination all in one journey. Space your goals out, and achieve them, one peck at a time...


A lot of good stuff for you this year with opportunities to network, collaborate and expand ~ it really is cool!

Where some people are the problem-solvers in 2021, with many coming to their door with ailments and issues. You are different.

Your happy persona and can do attitude will gather attention, and likeminded individuals will reach out to be with you. This is excellent, so be sure to follow up on all your leads ok.

You don't need to be anything you don't want to be this year ~ just be yourself, it's enough, in fact, its' more than enough.

Oh, and if you are desiring romance... yeah, it's around, so have fun with that!


Ok, ya got a lot going on there Mr/Ms Piggy ~ and the best thing you can do is step up to the plate and make it all happen!

I say this because you may pull back, rethink your position and kinda procrastinate a tad... yeah, I'm talking to you... and you know it.

You may not be able to hop on a plane, but you sure as heck can travel online, so join networks and get out there schmoozing with as many people as you can.

This is a great year to expand your horizons, and yes, I know we are still in a Pandemic, so you'll need to be creative and travel digitally.

Not sure how to do this...? Yes you are, you can figure it out...


Ooh, you are able to make some serious dough this year, and you'll do it through building networks and collaborating on new projects.

Not one to be left out of the loop, you will zero in on what needs to be done to achieve some serious goals, and you'll use your extensive skillset to make it happen.

I know you have your eye on the big prize... just be careful not to overanalyze your actions as you move toward said prize as that will be your downfall.

You're smart as a whip, so trust in yourself that you do have the answers, and be like Captain Picard and; "make it so"

Now go forth, and make 2021 the best it can be, tapping into the best version of yourself ok ~ you got this!

.... wanna hear my voice add some extras...? Take a listen, as I have a guest with me, and she's super cool!

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