What is the Real Date for Chinese New Year ?

We all love to celebrate a New Years' arrival, and most everyone sets their sights on December 31st, as that is when the year changes to the new one right...?

Um.. not so fast there speedy...

January 1st is the beginning of the Gregorian calendar, also known as Western / Christian calendar. First designed by an Italian doctor, astronomer & philosopher Luigi Lilio, it was actually Pope Gregory XIII who introduced this calendar in February 1582 - 6 years after Lilio's death. Interesting that this was introduced in February...

Keep reading to find out why February is important!

The Chinese Calendar works with the Moon (Lunar) and Sun (Solar)and this is where the confusion comes in, as the actual date moves a tad for these two, so let's talk about this together:

  • The Lunar calendar corresponds to the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice in December (New Moon in Aquarius), is known as the Spring Festival and is when the major celebrations occur and is the more famous date.
  • For 2021, the Lunar Chinese New Year begins celebrations on February 12th.

The moon relates to our emotions, is the perfect time to celebrate lovingly with family & friends and is of great importance to many.

This is when you see the loud fireworks, Dragon / Lion dances with special food items, all with intricate meaning and designed to 'shoo away the bad and welcome in the new!'

  • The Solar calendar begins around February 4th, and is called Li Chun which means Beginning of Spring. This is where the New Year begins with a new ruling animal taking charge for the next 12 months.
  • For 2021 the Solar Year begins February 3rd around 10.58pm (I would say be ready for the 4th) and is Xin Chou - Yin Metal Ox Year.

The Solar transition is particularly important for Feng Shui, as the energies for the year reposition themselves at this time ~ somewhat like a re-shuffling a board of directors and setting a new agenda. There is a new CEO in town ready to lead the other board members uniquely under specific guidance.

The best way to remember this is to think of it in everyday terms, and consider that both celebrations work together, they simply do it in different ways.

The Lunar year is like when Ikea comes to your town, and they have a Grand Opening with lots of PR, food, parties and general hullabaloo all around... It is the date everyone remembers... but the store was actually in prep mode getting ready for this grand opening before.

We would then liken the Solar year as the workhorse opening of Ikea, not so much about the parties, balloons and celebrations. This is when the real work begins and when the Feng Shui of a space is set for the next year.


Chinese New Year is a time of celebration, it is a time of loving connections, new beginnings and amazing opportunities. Start the day with a wonderful activity that is personal to you and your family, wear some red items and give thanks for all the wonders in your life.

Become more aware that you are in charge of your fortune each New Year, not the year itself. Put your best foot forward as it's time for you to lead the way!

I'm curious, are you ready for a New Year to begin...?

Have read the blog and taken THESE STEPS to prepare...?

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