2023’s Rabbit Hops In For A Fun Fling

’23 is a whole new arena, one where we no longer play catchup to a myriad of chaotic changes and unpredictable chaos…

Well hello there hoppy, it’s nice to have a new kid in town as last year’s Tiger kinda kicked our butts!

’23 is a whole new arena, one where we no longer play catchup to a myriad of chaotic changes and unpredictable chaos…

Understanding what this new year means to you is the name of my game, so how about we jump in with the deets you need!

What is 2023…?

2023 is Gui Mao, which is Yin Water Rabbit.

The Rabbit is actually a ‘yin’ animal too, so we see that ‘yin’ word repeat twice ~ does that make it important..?


When we have yin on yin, it’s not a productive blend, as we’re always looking for yin & yang to create harmonious flow.

This doesn’t mean the world is about to end, it simply means the interaction of Qi (life’s breath) is doing its best to meld, but is at a slight disadvantage…

We’ll like this yin much more… we just may not like how we go inward as that raises our accountability level…

It’s far easier to blame the world for things, rather than assess our own actions.

How do we approach 2023…?

My mantra for this year is; “Stay in your own lane” and it’s bloody perfect!

This is our time to be true with our actions, desires, dreams and goals.

The Rabbit is a dab hand at bringing our internal persona to the surface…

You will face challenges as companies downsize their workforce, cost of living rises, investments don’t keep up and relationships realign.

What, you thought this was going to be easy…?

Nope, no can do ~ we’ve been a world in crisis mode for far too long, and we’re battered and bruised…

We need time to heal and this gentle Rabbit is here to assist with our makeover.

What’s with the ‘Stay in your lane’ bit Sam…?

Because your best focus is yourself.

I ask you to take a slow look around you, and check where you spend your energy.

Think about when you go into social media. You are watching other people’s lives that look incredibly amazing, and they are doing sooo much better than you are!?

Really, you sure about that…?

We’ve become consumers of other people’s lives in an unhealthy way. I experienced it just the other day. I joined Tiktok ‘coz everyone said I needed to be there for visibility…

Creatively colourful; TikTok became a black hole that pulled me in better than any hallucinogenic drug out there!

They have mastered the art of consumer addiction. I went from, ‘this is fun, oh look at that!’ to ‘I can’t believe it’s 10.40pm and I just lost an hour of sleep for what…?’

Yeah, you know it, I know it.

Now before Tiktok come after me for slander, let’s put this into focus.

Choose your social media platforms in a way that adds value to your day.

Who empowers your mind, alleviates stress, aligns you with your target audience / clientele…?

Tiktok didn’t do it for me, so I left.

I focus on platforms that bring me viable connections, valuable content and make me feel good after being there.

Social media is a powerful tool. This year more than ever we must have our wits about us as scams, phishing and online fraud raise their ugly heads…

How do you think they find you…?

Think about that ?‍♀️

Do we follow the Rabbit like Alice in Wonderland did…?


Alice’s Rabbit led her on a merry tale right, she followed unlikely clues and found herself in extraordinary situations…

’23 is like this, in the sense that unexpected delights await if you dare to follow the clues…

Where ’22’s Tiger was predatory and pushed from his point of view, this year’s Rabbit is far gentler and she will pull us from within our point of view.

Very different storyline.

She’s going to help us reshape our vision, rethink our modus operandi and rediscover who we actually are.

What Industries will do well in 2023 Sam…?

It’s a continuation of last year, as these industries rise;

  • Artificial Intelligence leads
  • Massive innovations with automated cars & machines
  • Online education still a winner
  • Beauty products & services
  • Canabis / herbal / CBD infusions
  • Self-help & motivational educators
  • Leisure, travel, fitness & health
  • Delivery companies ~ food & product

Ultimately, we still want everything when we want it, for the best price possible…

We’ve created our own monster, as consumer demand will rise with unrealistic expectations that will unravel.

I don’t like this because it will force competition and price wars.

This looks good on the surface right, surely that means prices will come down?


How is the economy in 2023 Sam…?

I’m not a financial advisor, so please stick with your chosen person for financial moves. What I can share here is my Metaphysical vision of what’s enroute to us.

The Internal competition between vendors will end up biting the hand that feeds it.

Big companies can outrun competition and financial losses. They’ll simply cut their workforce, install more AI and get on with it.

Small companies can’t do that, and that small company is owned by your neighbour… ?‍♀️

The people that lose their jobs are the buyers of all these products and money is going to become tight.

2023 is time to:

  • Keep cash in the bank
  • Lower your debt as much as possible
  • Not overextend yourself
  • Be mindful of investments schemes
  • Safeguard your personal information

For those with cash, investment partners, yes, acquiring companies can be a solid move as connective strengthening is available to them.

I suspect real estate will take a dip after its flush run.

Those who overextended themselves in the fast moving buy high market, may hit a low point with payments, and be forced to liquidate.

How to safeguard your job in 2023!

Become indispensable.

If you are working for a company, do not sit on your laurels! There is false security in a job title, years in, latest achievement…

None of that will matter, none of that will keep your job safe.

You must become invaluable, someone the company ‘needs‘ in their future.

You must learn to sell your value! Speak up if you’ve headlined a project, spearheaded a successful campaign or landed the biggest client.

If you don’t speak up, blow your own horn, I guarantee you someone else will.

They will take credit for your work, and they’re job will become secure.

This isn’t me pitting you against your colleague, it’s me helping you safeguard your livelihood.

Stay in your own lane, your colleague can look out for themselves and create value in their own way.

How Entrepreneurs can succeed in 2023

Become indispensable.

Yes, I know it’s the same word as for employees, but it’s different here.

Whatever industry you are in, you will see competitors come after a piece of your pie.


Because they just lost their job completely, or lost hours and need to supplement their income with a side gig.

You look like you’re doing well, so hey, they’re gonna enter your field of expertise.

They will undercut your fee’s, offer specials you hadn’t even thought of, and kinda be a thorn in your side…

Beware stooping to their level and slashing prices. You need to retain your income and come at this from another angle.

Build value into what you already offer.

These new kids on the block, they don’t have the expertise you have.

Some of them will not even be qualified, they’re simply grasping at straws to make a living.

Walk in your own authenticity, as only you know how and build trust with your clientele.

Is there romance afoot in 2023…?

Yep ❤️

Knew you’d like that short and sweet answer!

If you have a Tiger, Dog or Horse in your birth chart (FIND OUT HERE) nice! You have a natural ability for some charismatic romance this year.

Where these animals are in your chart will determine what you experience.

Could be charisma at work, social media prowess, intimate fun, or a partnership that could very well stand the test of time.

Interesting right…?

If you don’t have one of those animals in your birth chart, don’t worry.

There are other romantic indicators we can look for, it’s simply easier for the ones mentioned.

Will we survive 2023 Sam…?

Yes, of course we will, we didn’t get this far to only get this far ?‍♀️

I’ve laid out what I feel you need to know to safeguard your livelihood as that is a major focus.

The positives far outweigh the negatives this year.

I love the fact that our loving Rabbit is kind, inspiring, educative and has our best interests at heart.

Lean into the gifts of 2023 to rediscover what you’ve been missing and reignite your life with purpose.

By Sam Plovie

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