5 Feng Shui No-No’s in The Bedroom!

And you thought nothing was off-limits behind closed doors… ?

A massive supporter of having fun, I believe it is imperative to have fun in all we do, and do everything with a bit of fun!

Let’s talk about 5 things you can improve in the bedroom, no blue pill required... and yes, I’m talking about Feng Shui!

1. Round Bed ~ you’re not in Vegas anymore...

They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and I couldn’t agree more, especially when it comes to those round beds!

A round bed is fabulously fun, let’s face it, I know you want to try, and at one point in time, go for it!

However, in your home you need a more secure, stable and supportive bed.

Don’t worry, it’s still going to be fun, I haven’t said no bedposts or grey ties.… I simply refer to the longevity factor of what you do in the bedroom.

Sure, if you want a fling, fly at ‘er and install a round bed, and I dare you to slip on satin sheets while you’re at it!

But if you seek a long-term loving and sensuous relationship, trust me, a normal shaped bed is your thang!

2. Mirrors ~ ceiling or otherwise….

Yes, yes, I know those little side mirrors on your car state clearly that ‘objects in mirror are closer than they appear’ but some things are better seen from a distance let me tell you....

Mirrors can be fun, and again, for a fling, that mirror on the ceiling sure can be entertaining… not so much as love settles in for the long-haul though.

Keep in mind that what is not seen, what is left to the imagination, is often far more alluring than what is shown…. in large scale… on multiple surfaces… wherever you look… Capisce!

From the Feng Shui perspective, mirrors can be activators; they reflect things from singular to multiple, can reflect light to brighten a space and even redirect our sightline.

These are all good attributes for an active living space, not so much for a space we prefer to see quiet, peaceful and restorative.

3. Wild decor ~ release a different kind of Tigress

Whether true love or beautifully loving sex, the wildness is best to come from within.

Create a bedroom decor theme that is soothing, relaxing, quiet and welcoming ~ after all, you want this person to stay a while right…?

Neutral colour tones, soft layering shapes, adjustable lighting and a sense of calm is a perfect platform for you to do anything… and I truly mean anything

When all is said and done, you’ll appreciate the comfort and support of a good nights sleep… or afternoon siesta after an invigorating lunch!

4. Odd Shaped Room ~ do we really need to talk about ‘odd’…?

Bedrooms are going to be far more productive for loving relationships if they are a simple shape, which would be primarily square as that supports stability.

I’ve seen many bedrooms with interesting cut-outs, jut-outs and hidden corners / extras… quite often with a fabulous water view to boot!

No need for such uniqueness ~ keep the room scale appropriate; not too big, not too small ~ calmly decorated and simple.

Oh, and keep in mind, I’m going to ask you to close those curtains when you sleep to encourage your body and mind to go into full shut-down mode so it can regenerate while you snooze… especially if you’ve been busy beforehand… Ooh-la-la!

A view outside your bedroom is not important; what’s inside deserves your full attention!

Keep those expansive landscapes for the living room and kitchen areas as they much more conducive to an actively happy home!

5. Ceiling Fans ~ harmful to Qi… and appendages…

Ok, cheeky Sam aside, for a Feng Shui correct bedroom we do not want to have a ceiling fan!

Not only is it disturbing for the Qi itself, with fast blades spinning and churning things up, it’s downright dangerous if one of you stands up on the bed right…?

Fans move the air, which on a hot night is a good idea, I get that, but spinning blades above your head while you sleep is not.

It will disturb your personal energy and you will feel this. Sure, on a hot night, you’ll feel cool, but over time, you’ll start to feel depleted on so many levels, it’s just not worth the hassle.

If you must have a fan, try a floor model that you can program to shut off after you fall asleep.

A cool room is important, I’m simply advising you choose carefully how you do it for long-term health and relationship gains.

Ultimately, what’s the last word here…?

When you sleep, your bedroom must be supportive to you, it needs to be still, quiet, dark and peaceful to the best of your ability.

Create the right atmosphere in your bedroom, and you will create the right atmosphere for your relationship.

…. do that and nothing is off limits!

By Sam Plovie

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