A Look At The True Destiny Of Princess Diana

Was Princess Diana’s life truly written in the stars? Was her ending preset, with romantic challenges at every turn… In some ways, Yes.

Princess Diana was sadly lost to us on August 31, 1997 and one of the brightest guiding lights of our world, dimmed for its final curtain call…

History was forever changed on that fateful night in Paris.

Like many people around the world, I adored Princess Diana, watched her every move, and yes, bought many a magazine, just because her picture was on the cover!

Pop over and listen to the Life & Death of Princess Diana Podcast as that’s where I lay out all the juicy details; this blog is a supporting visual piece for you.

When Was Diana Born…?

Diana was born on 1 July, 1961 into the Spencer family, and was far from the commoner that the tabloids made her out to be.

The Spencer family has deep connections to the Royals, but it sure made sensational press to view her as a commoner marrying a Prince right ~ even I bought into that at first!

Here is what Diana’s birth chart looks like in Chinese Astrology, and I have coloured the elements to showcase aspects of her chart:

How Do We Read Diana’s Astrology Chart…?

We read a chart from right to left, so we would say Diana was born:

  • Year of Xin You ~ Yin Metal Ox
  • Month of Jia Wu ~ Yang Wood Horse
  • Day of Yi Wei ~ Yin Wood Goat
  • Hour of Yi You ~ Yin Wood Rooster

I love to paint a picture of a person, and you’ll hear me describe Diana in detail on the Podcast as I find visual imagination super helpful when discussing Chinese Astrology!

In a nutshell, Diana was a gentle flower, born into a garden that lacked adequate resource to support her optimal growth. As a determined flower she sought the sun for directional growth, but instead found the spotlight of fame ~ a similar fire element, but not the right one.

This fire spotlight enabled her to shine, and yet evaporated her inner resilience constantly… The glare was simply too much ~ it was not the correct fire she needed, but it was the only one she found

Did Diana Have The Right Supporting Elements…?

As that delicate flower determined to grow strong, she needed correct shaping and the right gardener was needed to prune her gently so she could grow strong and tall…

Once again, the wrong element was in her life, as the metal she met with was inadequate, and instead of gentle pruning, she was often cut down to size and hurt. It’s like the pruning sheers were rusted and instead of a clean cut where new growth could spout, the cut was jagged, hurt, and vital nourishing sap was exposed, to ooze away…

When we view a chart, we look to the elements and create a life cycle that shows us pretty much everything we need to know, and Diana’s elements are:

  • Wood is her self element, who she is at her very core and defines her relationships with everyone in her life.
  • Fire is what she produces, her career, her children and what she shares with the world.
  • Earth is her wealth, where it came from, what she valued and can also show when she came into her own wealth
  • Metal is her power, which is both her personal power, and more importantly her husband… and her lovers…
  • Water is her much needed resource, the correct guidance she needed to make well-informed decisions and maintain a healthy equilibrium.

Who Were The People In Diana’s Life…?

These elements work together on every level, and when we look at another colour coded visual of Diana’s chart, I have now layered the people into it match what I shared in the Podcast, like this:

You can begin to see the picture of how Diana had very little resource for her personal growth as she constantly sought help.

In some respects, she was like a vine, continuously sending out ‘runners’ for water and nourishment, and yet chopped at every turn by the metal power element that was incorrect for her and pruned her delicate stems mercilessly…

Now clearly that paints a picture that seems very unfair, and it was, but truth be told, Diana was not the helpless flower being nipped and tucked at very turn…

She did create many of the challenges she faced, as she was clever at manipulating those around her, including the press.

Who Were Charles And Diana’s Lovers…?

Now if you are wondering about Charles, Camilla, and those lovers famously exposed in those Squidgygate tapes … time to listen to the Podcast, as while James Hewitt was the name on everyone’s lips… it was a mysterious Dr that truly stole her heart…

The problems really took hold because she was unable to manage what she had begun, she did not have a strong internal compass to help her make informed decisions…

While I loved Diana unconditionally, the same could not be said for the people close to her… Yes, she had friends, she had confidantes, and lovers… but her inner lack of confidence kept her searching and searching for help, which forever remained just out of reach…

A gentle flower, she was actually like a candle in the wind, best expressed by Sir Elton John at her funeral…

What A Life Reading Tells Us…

Diana’s life reading through her chart is a testament to how we all need the right environment to thrive…

Whether born into the riches of Royalty, or a tiny backstreet with nothing ~ we can all achieve our own greatness if we have the support and nourishment we need to grow.

Chinese Astrology isn’t a forecast method for entertainment; it is a key to self-awareness and personal growth.

When we understand who we are and what we ultimately need, we are better equipped to make better decisions that help us create the life we need, deserve and strive for.

Could I have helped Diana if she’s spoken with me about her destiny chart…?

Yes, we would have shared so much over a cup of tea and a rich tea biscuit, but our paths were not destined to join during her lifetime, so maybe we’ll meet in another one...

By Sam Plovie

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