Are Business & Home Feng Shui the Same..?

Feng Shui is never a one-size-fits-all, and ‘where’ it is applied makes a difference…


Feng Shui is never a one-size-fits-all, and the ‘where’ and ‘how’ it is applied becomes a major consideration…

A business is most often an official location (sometimes a home location too) and no matter what the physicality ‘is’ the action inside that location is very different.

  • A business has a focus on money and the transfer of goods and services to a client.
  • A home has a focus on relationships and the transfer of love and compassion within the family unit.

Clearly quite different approaches and desired outcomes right…?


In Feng Shui terms:

  • A business is considered yang because it works with the activity of creating, selling and constant action. A business is mostly go-go-go.
  • A home is considered yin because it needs stillness to nurture, care and lovingly embrace the people who live there. A home is about slowing down, relaxing and turning away from the go-go-go…

Another key area is the actual location:

  • A business needs exposure, lots of traffic (both foot and road) can be brightly lit, unique colours and even a unique shape to attract attention.
  • A home will succeed for other reasons, as it will do better with a quieter placement, more calming colours, a traditional shape, and not so much traffic to and from it.

Now, the spanner in the works here is a home based business; how on earth do you match the two..?

Actually, it’s easier than you think and a Professional Feng Shui Consultant can lay that out for you in no time.

We will look to which area of the home is best for your office, which area can support meetings, and which area can hold sales items (if you have a physical product.)

Safeguards are put in place to maintain the strong family health and wellbeing to ensure there is adequate separation between home and career ~ an absolute must for any business owner

Feng Shui is many things, may appear uber complex and mystical and yet at its core level it is very simple.

Feng Shui helps people achieve their goals and life they want, it’s truly a joy to see others succeed!

Did I mention I love my job…?

Yeah, love my job!

By Sam Plovie

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