Are We Able To Take-Off This July…?

I know you want to travel and visit far off places, we want freedom and movement. Alas, July isn’t gonna play nice…

Depends where your internal thrusters are…? ? ?

My cheeky title was born of a sexy association for July and from our current Air Travel situation as planes, crew and pretty much everyone in between scrambles to meet demand.

Oh my, we have become a tad demanding… ?‍♀️

I know you want to travel and visit far off places, we want freedom and movement. Alas, July isn’t gonna play nice…

Curious as to why…?

Figured you were, so let’s go:

What is July in Chinese Astrology?

July is Ding Wei:

  • Ding is Yin Fire
  • Wei is Goat

This duo will keep us still amidst our desire for motion so how about we double-check our footing…

Where exactly are you standing…?

We are at the start of THE female revolution and while it may seem unfair for women right now, we will overturn the stupid rulings as we approach 2024.

We are like the steely Goat on a dangerous cliffside, somewhat hanging on precariously as we survey our next move…

If you want to step forward with purpose, you need to step forward purposefully…

There is so much occurring in July’s sexy Ding Wei Pillar (which I’ll touch on that further down…) and yes that is a double entendre ? ?

For the here and now though, we have other areas to touch on;

Why are we having trouble with transportation…?

Because the July Goat is evaluating, thinking and perusing the landscape to form a strategic plan.

Try as you might, you will not budge this Goat until she’s ready to budge, so accept it.

Anything to do with mobility will be hampered; figuratively & literally!

We won’t be still for long though, so use this time wisely.

How will our emotions be this July…?

We won’t like being held back; we’ll be frustrated and dare I say… grouchy.

Yep, when we don’t get what we want, we’re not happy campers…

Use this time to pull out a deep desire, a dream, maybe a wish and start manipulating the pieces to bring them to life.

Martin Luther King had a dream.

Standing still is never really standing still; your mind and imagination are forever free, so tap into them and creatively plan ahead.

What do I do this month ~ advance, retreat or hold…?

Great Q ~ and to some degree you can do all 3!

However, the predominant ‘feel’ will be to hold.

Our July Goat is very earthy and she loves to build with her earth, like bricks for a building that will house people safely within.

She’s not daring, so advancing fast is not her game, but she can advance if you give her time to evaluate the landscape and plan where her next foothold is.

The trick will be not to rush things this month, as you may take a tumble after your misstep…

Do not rush her and don’t say I didn’t warn ya… ?‍♀️

Is there an invisible power struggle occurring…?

Oh yeah, big time!

The ridiculous rulings in the US against women are so far off course, I’d like to say it’s laughable, but it’s horrendous ?

Women are rising, powerful women will be leading, and what we are experiencing right now is the beginning of a revolution that will change the world.

I view the world as equal opportunity, and I have never subscribed to the men and women are equal, as we’re not.

Thank god we’re incredibly different, bringing different skills and viewpoints forward.

We may live in the same arena; equally side by side ~ but we are far from equal.

How do we bring sexy back…?

Oh yeah, and this is the month to do it!

The words I describe for you each month are far more than I let on. I make light of them to give you options so you can take viable actions.

But there’s more to this than meets the eye peeps…

The element and animal each month sit one on top of the other, and they form an upright ‘Pillar’ ~ kinda like a domino with two halves.

This particular domino is a sexy, charismatic, cheeky and fun-loving domino ~ and I for one likey ?

We need some fun, we need to lighten up, laugh out-loud with abandon and this month we can do exactly that.

For some of you, actual sexy hookups will occur, so be safe out there while you partake.

For others, this can be charismatically connecting, so network in fun ways as you will achieve the desired outcome.

Not a month to push the work front ~ back off and come at things a different way ~ literally ?

Women are rising, so for you guys reading this, tap into your feminine side!

Life was never destined to be a one-man-show; that Netflix series is cancelled!

Women are rising and we shall rise strong!

Alrighty, let’s step into your home, office and business space now

4 Feng Shui tips you must have!

Now let’s move into some Feng Shui and highlight two fab areas in your home for favourable outcomes this month!

  • Northeast ~ awesome opportunity to increase finances based on team / connective endeavours.
  • South ~ promotes travel and ‘fertilizing’ of new ventures ~ a very harmonious location this month.

Time to balance this out, which areas are best to avoid then Sam?

  • North ~ closure and ending, so avoid this area if you are creatively launching something, pregnant or trying to get pregnant.
  • Southeast ~ totally blocked, avoid this area if you are unwell, pregnant or fighting an internal organ issue (cancer)

Keep in mind, you may not be able to avoid an area I speak to ~ I get that 100%. I ask you to become aware of the energy influences and do what you can in real time ok.

Your astrology forecast this month!

Alrighty, let’s move into our horoscopes and see what’s hot and what’s not! Don’t know your Astrology Chart…? No problem, check it HERE and come right back to read more about you!

In your birth chart, do you have:

Ox: Hmm… normally I would say you are about to change direction… but you may find that hard this month, you may feel blocked, indecisive and possibly bullied… I suggest mindful steps to maintain momentum and shake it off if you feel overwhelmed.

Rat: Always an interesting time when a harm pops forward, and this one will be emotionally driven, so buckle up and be ready! Take the time to centre yourself and focus on your needs, because if you overextend yourself for others, they’ll be ok, but you’ll hit a wall…

Dog:  You may have moments of feeling backed into a corner, possibly moments you feel picked on, it’s not fair… I get that, and it may be true. You are not alone, bullied or worse, but you may have to hit the pause button to evaluate what is occurring around you. It’s ok, it’s only 31 days ~ you can do this!

Check those habits to ensure you are not causing some of this, because you may just be…

Horse: Ah… True friends through thick and thin, this is a month of collaborations and assistance! Connect with the people you need, and you will get where you want to go. Yep, it can be that easy!

As we close our July chat, we may feel the need for freedom, taste it on the wind in fact… it’s ok if we can’t quite do everything we thought we could right now.

Choose to focus on what you can do, not on what you cannot.

Maybe you can’t fly as you normally would ~ so find another way…

Maybe you can’t change your job or home ~ so plan for your next move as it will come faster than you think…

Sometimes we make the most progress when we stand still.

It’s all in how you look at it…

It’s all perspective and I recommend you enjoy a new view…

One more thing before you go!

Do you want the deets on how this month affects you personally…?

Pick up your very own forecast to gain secret wisdom on which moves to make, which ones to hold on… and those special lucky dates I love to share!

By Sam Plovie

The Ultimate Guide By Your Side ~ QiPro Sam helps you remove the barriers that sabotage your success so you can live life at full potential

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