Are You Flushing Money Down The Toilet…?

Depends ~ are you taking the right steps to avoid financial loss…?

If you stand by your toilet, open your wallet, empty the contents down the toilet, and flush, then yes you are flushing money away aren’t you…

Toilets have attained a bad rap over the years, and yet, they don’t really deserve it. I suspect this has been confused with how water can be related to wealth, but there is so much more to it than that.

Yes we can use a body of water to assist wealth generation and I will know exactly where to place water, and when to activate it for you once I define your Feng Shui natal chart.

I will be looking for a body of water that has the ability of movement, active circulation, and be substantial in size to retain the wealth it activates.

We would say “Qi rides the wind, and is dispersed, but is retained when it encounters water” This simply means Qi is mobile, and can be scattered easily by too strong winds. Provide a basin of clean, gently moving water, and that same wind can deposit that Qi into the water, and be retained.

Now, if we cycle back to our toilet discussion, not exactly a fountain right, as while it is a moving body of water, it does not retain anything, it takes things away – and therein lies the confused connection.

If I have identified that your prosperity Qi (part of your financial wealth) is in the bathroom, where the toilet is… that’s not overly favourable, and sure, keeping the lid down may help. However, having prosperity in your bathroom is not always a bad thing, as you use the bathroom every day, so you’ll be activating it every day right.

This is good!

The supposed fix for this is to keep your toilet seat down, so that money cannot fall into the toilet…



What you do with the money you hold in your hand will define whether it gets flushed away…

The reason you keep your toilet seat down is because when you flush the toilet, that water movement releases particles into the air that are propelled upward and around the area near the toilet.

What’s most often very close to your toilet…?

Your vanity with toothbrush, hairbrush, makeup stuff and hand towel…

Are ya pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down here...?

Those upwardly floating particles can land on your personal items, that you then use… personally

Ok, I think you get the drift here don’t you…

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The only way you can flush money down the toilet is if you stand above it and empty your hard earned cash from your wallet into the toilet, and then flush it.

Pretty sure you are not going to do that are you…

By Sam Plovie

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