Are You Lovin’ Every Minute Of It…?

I would hope you are, as every minute is your minute to do something….

With a modern world telling us to focus forward, dream big and keep moving….we can lose sight of what is right in front of us all too easily…

We can forget to love what and who we are, and where we are in our life, right here, right now.

How about I share a personal piece of me….

As a British Nanny working in 80’s Vancouver, helping to raise Spencer, Brandon and Baby Zander, I was blessed to be part of something big and thankfully had no idea of the world I was entering…

What I do remember in my youthful naiveté, was lovin’ every minute of it, without a care in the world for what was next.

I was on planes traveling to exotic places, hangin’ out with cool musicians from around the world and exposed to a life of learning that no Ivy League school could ever provide.

Oh my, how times have changed…

With the recent loss of some dear friends, colleagues and loved ones, I found myself in need of a reminder about how to live in the present and truly love every minute of it.

You see, back in February 2018 as I was preparing updates for clients, I had a clear vision of how some were going to be under stress, some were going to work super hard while others were going to have opportunities way beyond their imagination. With information in hand, I was advising people to take stock of their lives.

I knew then that 2018 was a handful, and for me personally, 2018 was going to be a make-it or break-it kinda year.

I decided it was going to be a make-it kinda year, as no one was going to break me down!

With a plan before me, I set about igniting the tendrils of opportunities that would be life-changing for me, my family and my business. With lightning speed, I began and then had to somewhat wait for everyone else to catch up ?….


That last bit was painful, as all I wanted to do was shout from the rooftops; “just do as I say, this is the way we need to go!

As we know, life isn’t like that is it, people need to recognize, embrace and act on opportunities when they are ready and not a moment sooner.

So I waited for the right timing.

In 2018, we sold our house, commissioned a new build, set our daughter up for 2nd year at University, launched global promotions for our my international business partners and altered the trajectory of every aspect of our lives.

As 2019 evolved, it was stage 2: house and family were fab, so we moved onto launching QiPro Sam, my new line of incredibleness!

I had to pinch myself the other day when someone asked about the wonders of my exciting life, as even though I steered these changes, I am overwhelmed at where we are, right here, right now.

A few months ago, my friend Shawna got us tickets to Loverboy, and as the night approached, I realised how excited I was to see them again and take a break from everything to be lost in that 80’s magic.

As the intro to Notorious began and they entered the stage, I was catapulted right back to a life that was truly amazing, and I am thankful to have such fabulous memories with them!

2019 has had its share of ups and downs, unknowns, tears and trials… Maybe it’s time you take stock of what you do have in your life; I guarantee you have way more than you realise…

My life is blessed because of all the wonderful people in it, and I thank you for loving me unconditionally and sharing your life with me.

Remember, whether you love tinkering with guitars like Paul, tuning Piano’s like Dougy, crashing drums like Matty, charming the girls like Uncle Mikey or playing cards like Scott ~ find what you love, and love every minute of it!

This one’s for you Scott,


Sam xo

By Sam Plovie

The Ultimate Guide By Your Side ~ QiPro Sam helps you remove the barriers that sabotage your success so you can live life at full potential