August ~ Get ‘Comfortable’ With Uncomfortable…

There comes a point where you can no longer look back, thinking it holds the answers you need ~ because there is no going back to how things were…

There comes a point where you can no longer look back, thinking it holds the answers you need ~ because there is no going back to how things were…

You are about to shed what you no longer need ~ I know you’ve been holding on tightly for some time now, but you need to let go so you can grow.

It may be uncomfortable at first, but you have to get comfortable with our new reality, because it’s where we are at.

This new August 2020 month will transition us to the next level, and like that Mario game, we have to keep moving up levels to stay vibrant and purposeful.

August is Jia Shen:

  • Jia is Yang Wood
  • Shen is that devilish Monkey…

I get it, you thought we would be farther ahead with this Covid thing by now right, everything would return to how it was, and life would settle into its expected routine..?

Yeah, ’bout that...

With Jia leading the way, we are about to stomp into some serious declarations by the powers that be, and of particular interest is our opinion, as it matters right…?

Sure, except this month, where your opinion will be handed to you by ‘said powers’, and they’ll even expect a thank you.

Cheeky I know, but it’s how it’s gonna roll peeps.

Jia is like a towering tree, and while others may look to this tree for leadership… others will order a lumberjack in to cut Jia down with force…

Layer in the Monkey, and dare I say we’ll have some Monkey business swinging around…?

Ok, maybe that’s pushing it a tad ~ even cheeky Sam isn’t gonna get away with that pun… but you have to give me credit for trying right!

So, Monkey swings in to mix things up and encourage us to shout our opinions from the rooftops!

Hmm… will that work, will they listen…?

Unlikely, as the structure of the Monkey and the nature of Jia, are very ‘in your face‘ energies, and when that happens, reasoning is nowhere to be had…

We always, always need fluid communication as the foundation of our lives, without it we are blocked, stopped, and sometimes chopped down.

August is the first month of the Autumnal season, and brings a crispness to our thinking, but also a sharpness that must not be underestimated…

Harsh words will be thrown from treetop to treetop, posturing will continue and equitable agreements will be hard to come by. Violence has support and weapons will clash, as words will be unable to slow their velocity…

Yeah I know, I’m a regular ray of sunshine…

I’ve told you before, and I’ll say it again, if you want a professional who says what you want to hear with Unicorns and rainbows ~ you’re reading the wrong newsletter…

I call it as I see it ~ always proven to be more productive than sugar-coating whatever ‘shite‘ is on the agenda…

We are at a point in this Pandemic year, where we have to accept that there’s no returning to normal, because the normal we knew, the normal we loved, has been re-coded and updated to a newer operating system.

Just like your computer, you can’t uninstall this latest OS, you have to live with what’s been uploaded to your hardware, as it is your new software…

There’s no wistful looking back, it’s off to new horizons we must go!

If you hold on to what was, if you stand still, and wait ~ you’ll be left behind and possibly trampled by what’s coming.

I cannot say this enough.

It’s crucial to understand we are moving away from the virus being the main issue (still is, I know, just stay with my chat here) to the reality that we have a way bigger economic issue coming right at us.

You can try to meditate through it, hold your ground, turn your back even ~ but this reality will find you.

This is what I need you to do ~ now:

  • Reassess your finances ~ remove unnecessary & add to your savings
  • Rethink your actions ~ be proactive with your career & purpose
  • Redefine your relationships ~ be supportive, uplifting & genuine
  • Revamp your priorities ~ it’s not what you have, it’s who you have beside you…
  • Refocus your future ~ open your eyes wider, and set new goals

I recently just did all of this, and part of it was changing my car ~ downsizing it, and I realise my physical action in this process, is exactly where we all are.

As I drove off early this morning for a hike, I was frustrated as the instrument panel wasn’t as high tech as my Gorgeous Tiguan was… the engine didn’t have a turbo boost aspect… the handbrake (horror upon horror) wasn’t an electric button ~ I mean seriously, who does that to a girl…?

And then I found myself laughing, and I mean really laughing…

You see, I changed my car to meet my plan for the next 18 months ~ but I hadn’t actually changed my way of thinking... I was uncomfortable in my new car, because it wasn’t the old comfortable one I knew oh so well…

O.M.G. ~ Can you see the irony here…?

Me, of all people, who can see what’s coming down the road toward us, the financial challenges ahead, who made sound decisions to meet those challenges, suddenly threw a Princess tantrum because my brand new, lovely, amazingly cool car, wasn’t as stylish as the Tiguan.

O.M.G. ~ Can you say spoiled…?

I sure can.

Get ready, as the road I have made my next 18 month plan on, is the same road you are idling on right this minute…

Stop waiting for someone to fix the issues, no-one can do that for you. Accept our new norm, and you’ll find it easier to work with, and finally see there is always a positive way out.

Countries are heading into crisis management mode ~ don’t succumb to that mindset. You cannot change what they have to deal with, but you can change what you have to deal with.

Activate your mindset and source the opportunities you need, as they are out there, you’ve just been scared to take your blinders off for fear of making a mistake.

Stop worrying about making a mistake, that’s the wrong way to view this!

Know that when you dare to make a change, you will trip now and again, but by golly, you’ll learn a lot along the way, and find your true identity…

Time to step up and carve out your better future, that you control, you lead and you champion!

No-one else is gonna do this for you ~ it’s all you baby!

Ok, let’s highlight two fabulous Feng Shui areas this month for favourable outcomes!

  • Southeast ~ can provide clarity of thought, precision, and encourage new ideas.
  • West ~ opportunities for expansion and cross-boarder connections which can lead to increased wealth.

Time to balance this out, which areas are best to avoid then Sam?

  • North ~ uh-oh, super problematic area, possible theft ~ which can be ideas as well as physical items. Check your security and ensure things are locked up tight!
  • East ~ tough one, as using this area of the home excessively can result in some emotional turmoil, confusion, and even health issues…

Alrighty, let’s move into our horoscopes and see who interacts with whom, this part always amazes even me with its accuracy!


Ok, now you have your chart, look to the animals in the bottom row, as that’s what I’m referencing next!

Do you have:

Tiger in your birth chart ~ Clash Hmm… oh boy, you are about to make some big changes, all I ask is you tame that impulsive nature of yours and think it through. Sure, you’ll still make the changes ~ I just want you to understand the repercussions ok.

Pig in your birth chart ~ Harm Ok there little piggy, please be careful as accidents from minor trips to bigger hits can find you this month… Awareness is key, no need to live in fear, simply open those eyes and see what’s around you please.

Snake in your birth chart ~ Destruction & Combination & Self-Penalty So often a destruction gets a poor rap… and while it does deserve it some of the time.. how about you view this like an opportunity to break down something negative, and rebuild it better. Because there is a combination in play too, you will have people to help you do this ~ cool! Oh, and by the way, other people will help with the self-penalty aspect, so listen to them!!

As I draw to a close on this news blog for August 2020… I still find myself chuckling about my car…

Remember, it’s time we get comfortable with the uncomfortable… You will find comfort again once you try.

Sam’s last funny note here: my Tiguan was a ‘comfort-line‘ model… no joke!

How corny and synchronistic is that…?

Now go rock your world peeps ~ the global world awaits your amazingness!

By Sam Plovie

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