Bagua Map: Unlock Your Home’s Harmony with the Feng Shui Bagua

Unlock secrets of your home’s life areas and optimize your space for true harmony and balance.

Feng Shui is the art and science of understanding how the environment affects you.

When we look to harmonizing your home, we use various tools to ascertain the energy map, which is like a DNA code of your home.

The Luo Pan compass is the primary tool to reveal the ‘age’ of the home (period of construction) and the degree (facing & sitting)

Once we have those, the next important tool is the bagua map.

There are two schools of Feng Shui that use the bagua map:

Flying Star Feng Shui BaGua

Professionally known as ‘Xuan Kong Fei Xing’ this is the trusted Feng Shui used by true Masters around the world.

This method incorporates ‘time and space’ into its analysis to provide highly accurate recommendations, and aligns to the individuals living in the home to ensure they are supported in their goals.

Flying Star Feng Shui is dynamic, moving within time, space and with the people, making it a superior method over Western Feng Shui BaGua.

Western Feng Shui BaGua

Because classic (XKFX) Feng Shui is highly detailed, a simpler version emerged as the Western world became interested in Feng Shui.

This system is static, and uses a ‘map’ highlighting 9 areas that you can apply to any home, facing any direction, built at any time.

While this system is considered simplistically generic in its approach, some people find it helps them start their journey into Feng Shui.

What is The Bagua Map?

The bagua map is a symbolic representation of the nine areas of a space that correspond to 9 different aspects of life, such as health, relationships, wealth, and career.

The bagua map is typically an octagonal grid, with each section of the grid representing a different aspect of life and its corresponding elements, colours, and directional energies.

It is used to analyze and balance the energy flow within a space, to determine areas that may need attention or enhancement in order to improve the well-being and overall harmony of individuals living or working in that space.

BaGua Map Sections

If applying the bagua map (without a full Flying Star analysis) it is thought that you can follow these directions to balance the harmony of your home.

Sam Pro Note: I use XKFX method as it has proven accurate in hundreds of my consults, and recommend caution when following the Western methods outlined below.

Southeast: Wealth & Prosperity

The wealth area is associated with the element of wood, the colour green and is related to financial abundance and prosperity.

It is considered wise to incorporate items that help you visualize abundance, with healthy plants and use this space for gratitude practices.

The Southeast is associated with Ming Gua 4 ~ Use our calculator to find out if you are Ming Gua 4.

South: Fame & Reputation

This area is associated with the element of fire, the colour red and is related to your reputation, recognition, and social status.

It is considered wise to have items here like lights, candles and triangular shapes to support the fire energy.

The South is associated with Ming Gua 9 ~ Use our calculator to find out if you are Ming Gua 9.

Southwest: Love & Marriage

The relationship area is associated with the element of earth, the colours brown, golden yellow and focuses on your relationships with romantic partners, business partners, and important connections.

This is where you will see 2 Mandarin ducks, or ‘couples / duplicates’ of items to encourage a ‘coupling’ between two people.

Square shapes and earthy tones, or yellow are considered beneficial here.

The Southwest is associated with Ming Gua 2 ~ Use our calculator to find out if you are Ming Gua 2.

West: Children & Creativity

This area is associated with the element of metal and represents self-expression, artistic pursuits, and creative energy.

Colours considered beneficial here are all metallics and white, with the rounded shape to provide support for your thoughts.

The West is associated with Ming Gua 7 ~ Use our calculator to find out if you are Ming Gua 7.

Northwest: Travel & Helpful People

The helpful people area is associated with the element of metal, the metallic colours, white, round shapes and encompasses support from friends, mentors, and community.

Many will place actual globes, wall maps, or any other items that remind them of travel and international connections.

The Northwest is associated with Ming Gua 6 ~ Use our calculator to find out if you are Ming Gua 6.

North: Career & Life Path

This area is associated with the element of water, the colour black, wavy shapes and is related to your work life and professional development.

Beneficial colours are black and dark navy (sometimes a very dark green) and some like to have a water feature here (QiPro Sam advises caution without a full analysis!)

The North is associated with Ming Gua 1 ~ Use our calculator to find out if you are Ming Gua 1.

Northeast: Knowledge & Self-Cultivation

The knowledge area is associated with the element of earth, brown colours, square shapes and encompasses education, self-improvement, and personal growth.

Considered an inspirational area, books and items that are thought-provoking are beneficial here.

The Northeast is associated with Ming Gua 8 ~ Use our calculator to find out if you are Ming Gua 8.

East: Family & Ancestors

This area is associated with the element of wood, green colours, cylinder shapes and represents your relationships with family and ancestors.

A strong wood influence is considered beneficial, which can be real plants or tall columnar items.

The East is associated with Ming Gua 3 ~ Use our calculator to find out if you are Ming Gua 3.

Centre: Health

This area is considered to be connected to your physical and emotional wellbeing and relates to the earth element.

It is thought that a clear, open centre helps keep all the other areas connected and in balance.

The centre is associated with Ming Gua 5 ~ Use our calculator to find out if you are Ming Gua 5 as this gua transforms into something else…

How To Use the Bagua Map On Your Home

1. Draw a floor plan of your home:

Start by drawing a floor plan of your home, including all rooms, hallways, and entrances. Make sure to include any irregular or missing areas, such as a missing corner or an L-shaped room.

2. Align the bagua map:

Superimpose the bagua map on your floor plan, aligning it with the front door. The front door should be at the bottom of the map, representing the entryway and the start of the journey through the nine areas of the bagua.

3. Divide your home into nine equal sections:

Using the bagua map as a guide, divide your home into nine equal sections or areas. Each section corresponds to a specific aspect of your life, such as wealth, relationships, career, etc.

4. Identify the corresponding areas:

Label each section with its corresponding aspect of life according to the bagua map. For example, the front left area of your home (when standing at the entrance looking in) represents wealth, while the back center area represents relationships.

5. Assess each area:

Take a walk through your home and assess each area according to its corresponding aspect of life. Look for any clutter, obstacles, or imbalances in that area.

6. Make adjustments:

If you notice any imbalances or clutter in a particular area, make adjustments to create a more harmonious flow of energy. This could include decluttering, adding elements (such as plants or water) to balance the elements of that area, or rearranging furniture to optimize the flow of energy.

7. Enhance certain areas:

You can also enhance certain areas of your home to attract more positive energy in that aspect of your life. For example, to enhance the wealth area, you could add a money plant or a water feature.

8. Activate the bagua:

You can also activate the bagua by placing objects or symbols that represent the specific aspects of your life in their corresponding areas. For example, you could place a photo of you and your partner in the relationship area or a vision board for your career aspirations in the career area.

9. Maintain balance:

It is essential to maintain balance in all areas of your home to promote harmony and positive energy flow. Regularly assess each area and make necessary adjustments to keep the bagua in balance.

10. Realign when needed:

You can also realign the bagua map with any major changes to your home, such as renovations or moving furniture. This will help to ensure that the energy flow remains balanced and aligned with your goals and intentions.

Which Feng Shui BaGua Is Best For Your Home?

Classic Xuan Kong Fei Xing ~ Flying Star Feng Shui is the trusted Feng Shui method as it incorporates the dynamics of time and space.

If you apply the bagua map by definition, you potentially miss opportunities and may even misalign the energy.

Ultimately it is your choice how to use the bagua map, and the only way to know, is to try right!

If you are ready to enhance your life, let’s align the Feng Shui of your home to your family’s goals for an abundantly prosperous life with a Home Feng Shui consultation.

By Sam Plovie

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