Breaker Day

When it comes to lucky days, what exactly is a Breaker Day Sam..?

As you look for good days for certain activities to achieve the best outcome, it’s good to know what each day can provide you, as the day is the foundational support of whatever it is you want to do…

A Year Breaker simply refers to a day that is the opposite of whatever the year is, which puts the energy into flux, somewhat clashing.

For example:

  • 2020 is Year of the Rat, so any Horse day will become a Year Breaker Day
  • 2021 is Year of the Ox, so any Goat Day will become a Year Breaker Day

A Month Breaker refers to the day that is opposite of whatever the month is, which also puts the energy into a soft of flux, somewhat clashing and not agreeable.

For example:

  • A Goat day will clash with the Ox of January, hence a Month Breaker Day
  • A Rabbit day will clash with the Rooster of September, hence a Month Breaker Day

There are 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac, placed like hours on a clock, with some interacting in a positive manner, some not, but the oppositional aspect is always leaning toward the negative.

Now, having said that…. I have used a Year Breaker Day (clash day) and Month Breaker as days to clash open someone’s wealth in a home sale, and make major changes in their life ~ all depends on factors in their birth chart.

Never a one size fits all when it comes to Special Dates…

There are 12 Day Officers that work constantly in the calendar, and Breaker Days come along and override the 12 Day Officers, so you’ll always look to the Breaker Day as the strongest element ok.

Curious to read a little more about the 12 Day Officers…?

Thought so, here you go, in order of how they work through your calendar:

Establish Day

Remove Day

Full Day

Balance Day

Stable Day

Initiate Day

Destruction Day

Danger Day

Success Day

Receive Day

Open Day

Close Day

Be sure to check our Home Page every day, as I share what type of day it is, and that can make a huge difference for your activity and optimal outcome!

By Sam Plovie

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