Can a Red Front Door Bring Good Fortune?

A very popular thought, with some rather fun stories of old… How about we dispel the myths and explain what’s really behind that red door!

A very popular ‘hope’, this one has generated a healthy income for many a paint store, and encouraged some rather tall tales…

Can a gallon of red paint really pull this off?

Let’s talk about the colour red, and what it often means in differing countries:

  • In China, people like to decorate with red on their front entrance around Chinese New Year, to signify that all debts are paid off. This is a way to let the world know their household is prosperous, happy and thriving!

  • Scotland has a rather interesting take on this, as they view red on their front door as a way to announce paying off the home’s mortgage – nice!

  • Now in America, a red door is believed to be a sign of ‘welcome’ and when a traveler sees such a door, they know they are welcome at that house. Interesting….

  • In the old Biblical Sense, there is a slightly darker meaning. Hebrew children were instructed to rub red blood on their doorstep so that the Angel of Darkness would pass the home by. This acted like a layer of protection, and in some churches today, you may see a red door, which many consider is a protection bestowed from God.

Ok, so that covers some basics, but what about Metaphysics I hear you ask…?

How does a red door fit with money and Feng Shui..?

Long considered an auspicious colour, the colour red can enhance prosperity, which covers many areas, not just wealth.

Walk into any home or business in Asia, and you are sure to see red lanterns, red wall hangings or possibly a red door itself.

This placement will be specific, advised by a trained Feng Shui Consultant with the ability to locate such energy.

The colour red is a representation of fire, and just like a real fire, such energy emanates outwardsupwards, and can increase in size with the right fuel – and therein lies the connection!

“If” there is an active door in the prosperous wealth area, then yes, the colour red can enhance that wealth, but it cannot create wealth out of thin air…

Who is responsible for wealth creation and Feng Shui…?


People are always the best activators of Qi, and once the prosperous energy is located, it is the people’s actions in that prosperous area that will generate wealth, not a door, a wall hanging, or a lantern.

Still looking for that red paint…?

Maybe you have a future at Benjamin Moore…

By Sam Plovie

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