Can April’s Dragon Take Us Places…?

What power lies within a Dragon month you ask…? Great questions, because it’s way more than you ever anticipated…

What power lies within a Dragon you ask…?

Why so much more than you have ever imagined…

On April 4 we entered Ren Chen:

  • Ren is Yang Water
  • Chen is Dragon

What does Ren Chen mean…?

This is actually a big deal… a really big deal peeps!

Not only because I love Dragons (Ren Chen in particular) but this month will bring about some awesome internal healing, with the ability to dig deep and draw out what needs to brought to the surface and discarded now.

Dragons are one of the 4 ‘graveyard’ animals (out of the famed 12 Chinese Animals) and graveyard simply means ‘storage.’

Dragon is the storage of water.

Such water is emotional, it is mysterious, it can be dark…. and it is most powerful

Ren is like an ocean; waves may roll invitingly across the horizon, all while so much more is occurring beneath…

Is this Ocean a problem for us…?

With fathomless depths, an ocean is restless with tides approaching and receding with abandon, and let’s not forget an ocean has the ability to unleash a Tsunami when provoked…

Ren Chen doesn’t mess about ~ Ren Chen means business ~ Ren Chen leads…

We have some destructive tendencies afoot and caution needs to be taken if you are in a delicate position / negotiation right now. Even a Water Dragon can breathe fire, so hold that temper of yours in check and navigate your environment with skill and gentle power.

You will get what you wish if you go about it the right way ~ so go about it the right way for goodness sake!

Dragons are high achievers, most often associated with career success, so understand you can get what you want this month, you simply need to be clever and focused in how you go about it…

Real water disasters can occur this month, so be uber aware of your surroundings and pay attention to nature if you are in an area of concern please.

Is April a problem month with the year…?

The Dragon of April and the Ox of 2021 don’t see eye to eye…

The Ox is another graveyard animal (the storage of metal) and when two storage animals approach each other, they hit heads and they hit hard!

This is why earth and water will move ~ it’s inevitable and when the earth moves under the water… well, you get the jist right!

Oh, and add a fire day to the mix, especially a Dog day (storage of fire) and we’ll see volcanic action, some of it under the water, and that will be problematic indeed.

I would expect we’ll see landslides, issues with roads, mud, water and movement. We cannot prevent it, we simply need to be prepared to respond effectively.

I wish to take a moment and loop back to my earlier comment of healing before we talk about Feng Shui & Astrology ok.

When a Dragon steps forward, it’s best to tap into his abilities with emotions, with deep desires, as that is his lead…

What if sadness overwhelms me…?

Do not be afraid to share your sadness, to open up with someone about a hidden concern, a sensitive pain point, as this is a great month to deal with this and heal.

Let this April month unearth and then remove what ails you, all you gotta do is open up, reach in and pull from within.

If you build a wall, a castle to protect yourself, the Dragon will try to scale your walls and rescue you… but I ask you not to do that please.

Befriend the Dragon.

Let Aprils’ Dragon touch you, it’s not only fiery breath in a Dragon you know…

There is so much more on offer once you know how to tame the Dragon.

No knight in shining armour required ~ simply love the Dragon, and he will respond in kind to you.

Want some Feng Shui tips…?

Ok then, let’s move into some Feng Shui and highlight two fab areas in your home for favourable outcomes this month!

  • East ~ want to learn something new…? Consider studying in the East as the ability to raise your understanding is there. Oh, and a little bit of romance too ~ cool!
  • North ~ financial projects come together this month, so use this area to seal the deal ~ super beneficial if this is your main entrance at your business (Mr H… this means you guys…)

Time to balance this out, which areas are best to avoid then Sam?

  • Southeast ~ kind’ve a no-go zone all year, but yeah, this month for sure… Not a place to sleep if you are sick, pregnant women definitely stay out of here, and definitely turn water features off if you have one here (shouldn’t have one at all this year in Southeast!)
  • West ~ likely some verbal hullabaloo… so choose carefully what you wish to say, and say it kindly… Could be some blockages in what you wish to achieve, maybe a contract cancelled, or a permit denied… Try to keep going, as it’s only temporary.

Keep in mind, you may not be able to avoid an area I speak to ~ I get that 100%. All I ask is that you become aware of the energy influence of the areas I share, and do what you can in real time ok.

Want some Astrology tips…?

Alrighty, let’s move into our horoscopes (CLICK HERE FOR YOUR CHART) and see who interacts with whom.

Now you have your chart, look to the animals in the bottom row, as that’s what I’m referencing next! Do you have:

A Dog

Hmm…. the biggest challenge with this is that the Dog is another one of the graveyard animals… so things get heavy for you Dogs… Clash I like because it brings change, the problem is… this one hits emotionally too. I suspect you need to make peace with some things in your life, so please take the time to do that. Depending on where this is in your birth chart, much change can occur.

The real question is; are you ready to make some / accept some changes…?

A Rabbit

Oh-dear… this one could be painful, as it can be a real (physical) harm… 2021 has you hopping and as the Dragon steps in, you may feel some slap downs… Not fair, I know, but it is what it is. Slow down, don’t be that energizer bunny this month and set a slow and steady pace that allows you to get back up each time ok.

A Dragon

I literally have to groan out-loud on this one, as this one is me… to a T. Put your focus on career achievements this month, focus there and be quiet everywhere else please. Push too many hot buttons around yourself, and you will feel the push-back ~ big time! Self-penalty is no fun at all, because it’s a problem of our own doing… like I said… ?‍♀️ I’ve yet to see a self-penalty not materialize.

If you are like me, and you have a Dragon in your birth chart, make purposeful moves and lead with optimal kindness, it’s the only way peeps.

An Ox

If you need to kick a bad habit, kickstart a diet, maybe a new exercise routine… use this month to do exactly that. If the action is destructively around you, then use it positively to destroy something you don’t like.

It’s not rocket science peeps ~ it’s awareness #101.

A Rooster

Ah… are we looking for some romance this month…? Well then… you are in for some fun, so do exactly that my friend. Don’t overthink this, just dive into the Dragons’ deep ocean, and see what you find ok… On a business note, this is a great collaborative month, so make sure you expand your reach.

As we end our chat here today, what I wish for you to know, to take away from our time together is that a Dragon month can bring about high achievements, they always love to help with career.

Yes, there are birth chart interactions that are not so positive, but for goodness sake, if I can overcome one of the worst ones, you can overcome whatever lies at your feet this month too.

Mind over matter peeps ~ turn a negative into a positive ~ it’s how us go-getters get shit done!

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By Sam Plovie

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