Can Face Reading Help Hire Good Employees..?

A lot can be hidden in a resume… nothing can be hidden on the face!


Face Reading will show a person’s true qualities held within, they show a story of who the person is, if they struggled through formative years, how is their life now, and how they are going to approach their future ~ a future possibly with you.

When you hire employees, it is easy to be swayed by their wardrobe, their apparent confidence, and their preparedness with poignant questions.

But are you being swayed by the right indicators…?

How much of their resume, suit and tie, or jaunty hat is actually them, and how much is a performance based off research on what employers want to see..?

If you want to build a strong team, you need to know what your team is made of, how they will work together and how they will work for you.

Face Reading allows us to know who the person really is, what their skills are, their capabilities and possible limitations.

I work extensively with companies to align staff in their building using Feng Shui and Astrology, now Face Reading has become an integral part of that. Sometimes we don’t have a person’s birthdate, so the Face becomes a vital piece of information.

Employers see the value in hiring the right employee, the first time, instead of ending up with someone who looked good on paper, but couldn’t step up to the plate and perform… like they said they could.

Incorrect employee placements cost companies thousands each year as once an employee is hired, kinda hard to un-hire them without ticking a lot of boxes and jumping through an inordinate amount of HR hoops!

Hiring a professional skilled in Chinese Astrology & Face Reading before and during the interview process will prove an invaluable investment. A very distinct map of the potential employee is deciphered, providing a clear analysis of how to work with the prospective employee to their utmost potential.

Happy employees are productive employees ~ it really is that simple.

Let’s say you are a Bakery, and you need a new early morning bread trainee who can arrive on time, work unsupervised and meet deadlines. Pretty important that person be an early riser, is motivated and can work productively in those wee hours right..?

Let’s say you are a Bank, and you need front-line staff that will greet clients and assist them in an efficient manner. Pretty useful to know if that person needs constant direction, likes to chat about what their cat had for breakfast and likes to be on their phone checking social media… Not the face of your company I’m sure….

I think you get the picture here.

Face Reading is a tool to assist in the hiring process.

It cannot override a resume, experience and the one-on-one efficiency of a personal interview. What it can do is provide invaluable insight that will either support or disprove what that interviewee is telling you, possibly promising you…

Used effectively, such analysis can provide a set of questions to ask the potential employee during the interview, as we’ll know their hot buttons, and how to push them…

Best you know how a person is going to respond under pressure before that pressure explodes at the expense of your business…

Whether you believe the power of Face Reading and what a professional like me can do or not, it’s important you understand we are already at work, supporting corporations across North America and beyond.

We are in position, behind the scenes aligning people, places and actions ~ we have become successful business’ secret asset.

Face Reading is a vital tool in your company’s HR tool-belt, and it’s about time you added another notch to yours to improve your employee efficiency.

Hire the right people, at the right time, using the right evaluations.

Still not sure if Face Reading is for you…?

All depends on what outcome you seek doesn’t it:

  • You can do things the way you’ve always done them… and get results you’ve always gotten...
  • Or you can implement one of the best internal strategies you’ll ever enable… and get what you’ve always wanted!

Yes, Face Reading can help you hire the best employees you’ll ever have.

By Sam Plovie

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