Can Feng Shui Help Me Sleep Better Than NyQuil?

Absolutely it can… but not in the way you may think…


When you sleep, while your body may be stationary, there is much more happening in that dream state than meets the eye. It is not so important if your bedroom meets the HGTV requirements, as it is the FS requirements…. letters not for fast sleep… more importantly for Feng Shui!

While asleep, rapid repair mode is underway with a maintenance crew setting up brightly coloured cones along internal pathways of your body, ready for the roadworks crew to begin.

The beauty salon staff are set to lengthen hair, polish those nails, and in every nook and cranny of your body, something is growing/strengthening/evolving – you are quite the hotbed of activity…

This is also considered the time when the spirit temporarily leaves the body, looking for its own rejuvenation after a long day of leading the physical body. Crazy long days, the spirit has quite a task-load when you consider what a person does in each day right…

With all this action while you sleep, it is easy to understand that if something disturbs your body during this time, all is not well in the land of nod, and much needed repair jobs will be interrupted and left undone… Uh-oh.

To understand this further, we look to where the body ‘is‘ at night ‘in the home as your construction crew need the right place to work their rejuvenation magic.

Feng Shui is the physical realm, and as such it provides the working map of a home, and just like a real map, there will be varying terrain, with unique adaptability requirements for each area. The key lies within understanding the terrain, and situating yourself correctly for the purpose you wish to undertake.

Think of it this way: if you wish to go kayaking, you will search out the lakes & rivers on the local map, pack up your gear, and head out for a day of water fun right.

Looking for a bike ride..? You will seek those curving roads through exhilarating landscapes, possibly with a hill climb thrown in for good measure!

Once we bring in the sleep factor, you need to read a similar map and know how to read it correctly ~ which is where your Feng Shui Professional comes in.

A lake won’t do for sleep, as not even a water bed can fix that one – not good Feng Shui at all by the way...

While that bike ride is great for the thighs… not so much for those closed eyes...

When you sleep, correct support is crucial ~ we seek something stationary, solid & firmly reliable. You need that quiet place, somewhere on the home map where no winds can blow too hard, no rivers flood, or noisy roads keep you awake – this is real Feng Shui in the bedroom at work!

Yes it matters where you sleep – no two ways about it.

Finding the right support in a home, a quiet place you can rest your weary head at day’s end, will keep you healthy, happy & successful.

Let’s get you back to the land of nod pronto!

By Sam Plovie

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