Can January Help You Rise Out of The Fog…?

YES! This is a great month to clear the air and your……

This January 2020 is a tad deceiving as it presents itself as the first month of 2020 with swirling mists shrouding the scene…. whereas, it is actually the last month of 2019…

This January is Ding Chou:

  • Ding is Yin Fire
  • Chou is Ox

Ding is like a delicate candle, with the ability to show us the way forward, lighting up dark corners that seem mysterious or even worrisome ~ and yet now we can see opportunities!

Chou is our hardworking Ox, a heavy earth animal month with the ability to nurture our ideas if we put the effort in… No slacking this month peeps, this is the month to lay those foundational cornerstones of what you wish to achieve in 2020!

Where December gave you a glimpse of what 2020 could be for you ~ January is different…

Now you’ve had that glimpse (you’ll get another one in February, so don’t worry if you missed it) you have to dissect what you saw, and separate the what from the chaff.

Lay out your thoughts, write down everything came to mind in December; who you met, where you met them, who reached out to you, and see what connections are right in front of you.

You likely missed a thing of two…

Ask yourself if you are with the right people, and can they get you to where you need to go…?

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t all about other people, you know me well enough by now, I don’t do finger pointing to others. Turn that finger firmly inward and challenge yourself to make the changes that you must make.

It is not someone else’s fault if your life isn’t the way you want it to be.

Now is an opportunity for accountability of where your life is; pat yourself on the back for all the good bits, and forgive yourself for the bits less good.

Never dwell on spilt milk, simply find a tasty biscuit to soak it all up!

I need us to go back to the Chou (Ox) of this month and remember that the Ox doesn’t work alone, there is a team member directing the heavy plough that is churning up the fertile earth.

Use the candle of Ding to see who you can team up with, not only to provide you with help, but so you may help others. Both Ding and Chou are incredibly giving, humble and dutiful, so tap into their work ethic, and use it as your modus operandi this month.

Whenever you work with the energy of the month, life is far easier!

Help others, as they will grow magnificently under your kindness, and you will also grow because of your kindness and good deeds to them.

Kindness ~ pretty sure that’s going to be my word for 2020, definitely is for January!

Ok, let’s highlight two fab areas to use in your home / office this month for favourable outcomes!

  • Southeast ~ fabulous if you can use this area for January as new ideas can take flight and it shouts ‘new beginnings’ loud and clear!
  • Northwest ~ not everyone’s cup of tea this month, I like it because it is fertile, passionate, and that generally leads to breakthroughs!

Time to balance this out, which areas are best to avoid then Sam?

  • North ~ uh-oh, bit of a blockage situation, slight obsessiveness and I would watch how much snow you shovel, as lower back is under some pressure…
  • Northeast ~ oh dear, communication is rocky this month, so if you need to have important discussions, don’t have them here as pettiness will lead into full-blown arguments…

Alrighty, let’s move into our horoscopes and see who interacts with whom, this part always amazes even me with its accuracy!


Ok, now you have your chart, look to the animals in the bottom row, as that’s what I’m referencing next!

Do you have a:

Goat in your chart ~ Hmm…. definitely a month of change for you, so be prepared to open your mind and consider new ideas, horizons, pretty much new ‘anythings’ ok. You may find your ideas challenged by others, again, listen to their reasoning, as their point of view could be exactly what you need to hear… You may be the root of your own issues, so please keep that in mind ~ that ‘open’ mind of yours ok!

Horse in your chart ~ Uh-oh, you may feel pressured and possibly backed into a corner… don’t worry, you can outsmart this. Be mindful of your surroundings this month, as minor accidents could occur, and yet they would be easy to avoid ~ if you simply slow that fast Horse personality of yours down a tad ~ capisce!

Dog in your chart ~ there is likely a situation around you that may not seem fair… guess what, it isn’t. You’re gonna have to suck it up, and play nice with the powers that be, and focus on 2020 starting February 4th, until then, don’t complain, stay on your own yoga mat, and get on with whatever you need to get on with ok!

Dragon in your chart ~ This one is all about bad habits, so it’s time to ensure you create better ones this month! On the flip side, can you make some big changes and potentially destroy something that is blocking your path..? Maybe, but please be careful where you place that dynamite!

Rat in your chart ~ Ah… true friends through thick and thin, this is a month of collaborations and networking, so get out there and make it all happen! Definitely an eye-opening month for you, as you will get a special glimpse of 2020, just for you Rats out there!

So, now you’ve had a look at your month ahead, and how it interacts with your birth chart, are you worried, or empowered…?

Oh my goodness ~ the answer is empowered people!

Information is power, not power over others, simply an internal force that can power you forward with making good decisions.

I’ve always been honest with you, told you when I’m under fire, experiencing stress, and this month, just like you, I have a mix to deal with…

I could roll over and stay in bed with the latest Netflix and wait for January to pass, or I can prepare.

I know what I’m going to do, and it doesn’t involve a remote.

By Sam Plovie

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