Can These Royal Couples Live Happily Ever After..?

Can the young royals withstand the test of time, who will sit on the throne and who will forever be a spare…

Can there ever be a truly happy-ever-after when you are married into the most famous household in the world…?

Have we learned anything from the tragedy of Princess Diana…?

Will William be King, or will Harry jump over and grab the crown…?

Those are some pretty mighty questions you ask there… clearly it’s time for us to have a chat. This is a support blog for some pretty cool information I share in this amazing Podcast

Young Royals In Love… Or Are They In Trouble…?

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Ok, so you’ve got the Podcast on pause, and you want the scoop here ~ let’s do this!

What does Prince Williams Astrology Chart Look Like?

First up is Prince William, he’s one of my favs as there is oh so much more to him than meets the eye… This could cause frustration later in life, as he can never quite walk the line he’d like to, but he will walk the line he is destined to incredibly well.

This is his Chinese Astrology Chart:

William was born on a day where Yin Wood was the prevailing Qi, and the Pig was the Chinese Calendar animal in position, so he is born Yi Hai ~ Yin Wood Pig.

Yes, he is born year of the Dog, but it is his Day of birth, known as his Day Master that is absolutely e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g to me as a Chinese Astrologer!

What are the elements in Prince Williams Astrology Chart?

I coloured all the birth charts we’ll talk about today, and for William, we can see:

  • Wood is his self element ~ his personal identity
  • Fire is his output ~ what he produces, his contributions, his work
  • Earth is his wealth ~ real wealth, possessions and his wife…
  • Metal is his power ~ father, authority figures, governing bodies
  • Water is his resource ~ support, health, internal guidance

For today’s blog, we are simply cross-connecting the couples and for William, his wife element is technically Earth, and yet we look much closer to see a truly intimate connection with his wife Catherine.

Let me show you where she is…

How to find Princess Catherine in Prince William’s Astrology Chart

If you look under the word Day, then under Pig, you will see a blue coloured ‘Yang Water’ ~ this is lovely to see, as situated in the Day Pillar is what we call the ‘House of Spouse’, and Catherine is right there!

Let’s jump to Catherine’s Chinese Astrology chart so you can see things more clearly:

Catherine is born year of the Rooster, but the key part here is her Day Pillar, and that is Ren Chen ~ Yang Water Dragon.

As a Ren Day Master, Catherine’s chart shows us:

  • Water is her self-element ~ her identity, who she is and what she shows us
  • Wood is her output ~ her life focus, what she contributes to the world
  • Fire is her wealth ~ finances and possessions
  • Earth is her power ~ husband element and authority
  • Metal is her resource ~ sustenance, guidance, can be health too

Can we see Prince William in Princess Catherine’s Astrology chart?

Look under that same Day, under the Dragon, and you see three things, one of which is ‘Yin Wood’…. If you look back to William’s chart, you will see his Day Master is Yin Wood.

In a nutshell, William has Catherine in his House of Spouse and Catherine has William in her House of Spouse.

Cool right!

Yeah, I think so too, and not something we always see.

William and Catherine are well-suited to each other, sure there are some bumps along the way, like any married couple and in the Podcast, I speak to a few of those, but overall, I like their match, it is afteral, somewhat a match made in heaven

Now let’s take a look at Meghan and Harry ~ quite a different story…

What does Prince Harry’s Astrology chart look like?

Harry is officially known as the ‘spare’ of the ‘heir and the spare’ duo, which puts him in a rather difficult spot at times…

He’s not to be King, and yet he can’t be pretty much anything else but the King’s second in command…

Troubling for anyone, and especially so for Harry.

Let’s look at the Chinese Astrological Chart of Harry, so you can see why he is so close to his brother (I want to see if you notice something about his Day Master) and then we’ll look at his connection with Meghan.

This is Harry’s Chinese Astrology Chart:

Harry is that Ren Day Master we just saw in Catherine, so we have two powerful forces in this young family, as Ren Day Masters don’t live quietly… they are truly a force to be reckoned with!

As Ren Day Master, Harry shows us:

  • Water is his self-element ~ his personal identity and sense of worth
  • Wood is his output ~ what he does in this world, where his focus lies
  • Fire is his wealth ~ actual wealth, and actual wife…
  • Earth is his power ~ his position, his authority, his father figures
  • Metal is his resource ~ his inner guidance, mother, health…

Just skimming the surface, we can see Harry does place great focus on William, and William gives it right back to Harry ~ they are close, no doubt about that.

Things shifted when Catherine came along, she wasn’t the Yoko Ono who broke up the group here, she simply stepped into position, which slightly pushed Harry out.

This was ok, Harry has his own plans, but things really shifted when Meghan came in, as she is an equal force but not like the others, and created change that has been rippling along the surface ever since…

What does Duchess Meghan’s Astrology chart look like?

Here is Meghan’s Chinese Astrology Chart:

Meghan is born year of the Rooster ~ same as Catherine, even though they are born in different years ~ explained in the Podcast, and the important aspect is her Day Pillar of Jia Yin.

Meghan has a Day Master of Jia, which shows us:

  • Wood is her self-element ~ sense of self, personal identity
  • Fire is her output ~ what she produces, includes her children
  • Earth is her wealth ~ actual wealth, possessions, connections
  • Metal is her power ~ her authority, her father and father figures
  • Water is her resource ~ her Mother, inner guidance, can be health too

Before we link Meghan to Harry, we need to understand that by laying these charts side by side, we can see that Meghan is like William, but they are not to be close…

Catherine and Harry connect on a sub-level of understanding, and are two very strong people in their own rights.

For Meghan and Harry, they do not show in each other’s ‘House of Spouse’ (under the Day Pillar animal) which is ok, as not every happy union is picture perfect.

What is concerning though is that their individual ‘House of Spouse’ show different things though, different desires, and that could be an issue over time…

Will Harry & Meghan’s love last a lifetime…?

If you look at the visuals, Meghan is this Jia Day Master and in Harry’s chart, Jia shows in his Year Pillar. This is indicative of his wife being famous, and Meghan is right, she was famous before she met Harry, so that makes sense.

My issue with Meghan showing in Harry’s Year Pillar is that it’s far away from him… If she’s not seen inside his ‘House of Spouse’ I’d like to see her in his month or hour pillar, and she doesn’t show there either…

This could mean Harry will fight to keep Meghan private… bit of a stretch though..

If we look at Meghan’s chart, we do not see Harry (Ren Day Master) either, and this is what troubles me.

Harry and Meghan’s connection is substantiated in what we call ‘Luck Pillars’ which is periods of time in our lives ~ and can be lucky or unlucky, but overall, simply mean 10 year blocks of time.

Inside their current Luck Pillars, I can see their connection ~ but when something isn’t inside the actual birth chart, I’ve noticed that love is harder to sustain…

Can Harry and Meghan build a solid future and override the turmoil that surrounds them…?

Yes, if they work really hard at it, and possibly move away from England.

One thing that stands between Harry and Meghan is their families, they both individually want what’s best for their children, I’m simply not sure they can unite both families as one..

I doubt their love will last a lifetime… it will have it’s moment in the spotlight, a loving young family… and then they will divide, it’s simply a matter of time.

By Sam Plovie

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