Can We Believe In A Guiding Light This December…?

Pfizer and Moderna think so… but what do you think…?

Well, Pfizer and Moderna would like to think so, but are the right ?…?

Are we following the right star this month…?

This December is Wu Zi:

  • Wu is Yang Earth
  • Zi is our deceptive Rat…

Yeah, you heard right… that there Rat is a tad deceptive, and we are wise to keep our wits about us!

The biggest challenge of this month, is that it favours the 2020 Rat already in position, so we now have two rats in the house.

Does this mean we’ll see double trouble…?

Ah… so you are paying attention…

Not exactly…

But I will say it is kinda interesting how we have two vaccines coming forward right now ~ timing is very curious if you ask me…

Now don’t get me wrong ~ I’m not anti-vaccine, I’m just anti-too-fast-vaccine as there is quite a difference between the two.

This news blog is about December, however I have to step into 2021 just a tad to explain that we ain’t out of the dark depths yet peeps.

Covid is still expanding and the most effective vaccine is more likely to be distributed widely in October 2021.

If it helps explain what’s on my mind, I ask you to think of it like this ~ what do Rats do best…?

They are great at keeping out of sight, love to lurk in the shadows, operate underground with eyes sharply on the prize, harbingers of disease… and yes, laboratory rat does come to mind too, which is of course great for experiments.

Ah…. there you are, listening again ~ clever you!

Right now, I believe we do not have the right vaccine, we are in early explorative stages, and there has been a push from the shadows to get things launched above ground.

Yes, in general, rats are also intelligent, wise ~ I won’t dispute that ~ I’m simply challenging the speed, and curious who’s paying the piper…?

Are we wise to release the December rats, without a qualified pied piper in sight to lead them away if things go awry…?

My point exactly.

We need to proceed with caution peeps ~ there is too much we just don’t know.

It is imperative we focus on the virus and its’ effect emotionally, physically and financially first.

If we pin our hopes on the vaccine only, we’ve jumped too far ahead, and forgotten about prevention being the best medicine.

The Wu of this month (that Yang Earth) will place the government and the military at the forefront of our actions, and again, we’ll see both good and not so good.

Military leadership with precision and purpose can be good.

Military domination not so much…

I accept that I won’t be popular with governing bodies who want this vaccine out ‘yesterday‘ with everyone gleefully on board.

As my husband would say; I’ve just committed a CLM (career limiting move) and I get that, and I own that.

But I wouldn’t be me, and you wouldn’t be you, if we weren’t both here right now.

What is clear, is that our perceptions are about to be tweaked ~ which is both good and curiously not so…

PR will be a hot ticket this month; whomever can spin the story the fastest, will have the rest of the world in a spin as they try to catch up.

Problem with spinning is, you get dizzy, and can’t see straight…

Ever heard that child’s song, ‘Ring around the Rosy‘… yeah, if we’re not careful, we’ll all sneeze and fall down…

We need to think long-term gain, not short-term fame...

Our environment remains unstable (from last month) and even though we sense there is stability coming in (it’s the Wu Earth of this month ~ Earth likes to connect, join and unify) it’s not supported quite yet. Everything is still a tad murky…

Throw in a Winter Solstice, a double up of Feng Shui Energy, a full Solar Eclipse on December 14th that opens of a rather tricky QiMen door… we’re about to see things go sideways…

We’ll have a rise in scams, so be aware of what you are doing, where you are doing it, who has access to your info, as the cleverness of the Rat has released some subterranean buggers who don’t belong above ground…

Privacy is going to become a big commodity, so guard yours incredibly well. I’ll touch on more about issues with data storage / cloud in my 2021 blog, so make sure you are subscribed to stay informed ok!

Are you wondering where the sugar plums and fireside smiley chat Sam is…?

Trust me, I’m looking for her too, please text when you find her ?…

I thought long and hard about writing this news blog ~ I know you want good stuff, I know you need good stuff ~ guess what ~


I’ve harped on all year to be ready for the virus to rise, to surge and for challenges ahead ~ but ~ I’ve also harped on that you are the decisive factor in all of this.

Whether you believe in masks, whether you believe in herd mentality, I ask you to believe in this:

“accept our current circumstances, make peace with them, & build your future from them”

2021 will be easier for those who make plans now, for those who understand the need to furrow new fields in their business, to plant new seeds in their life and to nurture both purposefully.

You and I cannot control what the virus will do, so don’t try.

Focus on you, believe in you, and re-awaken those dreams of yours ~ do not let this damn virus define or break you.

I ask you to believe ~ play this video as you read on ~ it’s important to hear, and thanks for the nudge Mr T ~ your belief inspires me onwards and upwards each and every day ?

Best way through December is to ‘mindfully’ connect while remaining separate ~ yeah a conundrum of sorts, I get that ~ but you must find a way.

No matter what your beliefs are, ensure your house is festively bright with red decor, as fire will keep those rats at bay, and bring warmth to your very soul.

Please do not fight the extra curves you are gaining from the goodies ~ we all need a personal hug ?right now, and some extra weight can keep us cozy!

I made a special note for you here about your decor: Christmas Tree Know How go ahead and enjoy the read my friends.

Ok, enough of the natter, let’s take a look at two fab areas this month for favourable outcomes!

  • Northwest ~ it’s all about creating prosperity ~ so use this area to do exactly that (my Christmas tree is in this spot ~ it’s working amazingly well with all it’s lights, and the fact I spend time there every day ~ very blessed!
  • West ~ If you can use this area too, possibly place your tree here (mine actually borders both NW / W) you will tap into future prosperity ~ it genuinely doesn’t get much better!

Time to balance this out, which areas are best to avoid then Sam?

  • South ~ no way to hide this one, it’s an area of ill health.. avoid if you are sick, compromised, weak or pregnant please.
  • East ~ such powerful energy, this one’s a toughie, and actually speaks to the challenges we’ll see with actual East and West (China + US) there will be confusion and subterfuge… In your home, downplay this area if possible, and not a good place for your Christmas Tree!

Alrighty, let’s move into our horoscopes and see what’s going on!


Now you have your chart, look to the animals in the bottom row, as that’s what I’m referencing next. Do you have:

Horse will Clash Hmm…. Can I outwardly groan now… ?‍♀️.. I have a Horse, and wasn’t looking forward to this month, until I realised the hidden power in the clash ~ a complete shift in direction on a global scale. Yeah you heard right, I’ve initiated some major changes as of today, that will change so much about my career, so how about you do the same! Set your sights on new goals, and get ready for something entirely different. Oh, I do have to add… you may feel tired and a tad grouchy during this month, so pace yourself like only a well trained Horse knows how ?

Goat may be Harmed Uh-oh, can I continue to groan, as I have one of these too ?‍♀️ give me strength! Yes, we may feel pressured and possibly backed into a corner… but don’t worry, we can outsmart this. Stay on top of health, stay ahead of the curve, and you can ride this one out ~ oh, and be extra careful on the slopes ⛷ … no show-off jumps Sam! ?

Rabbit gets Punished ☝️do I need to explain this one …? Yeah you know what I’m referring to… you’ve been speaking out, causing some ruckus behind the scenes and you are about to be caught red-handed… Own it, deal with it, move on from it. You cannot out-hop ? this one!

Rooster becomes a tad Destructive This one is all about bad habits, so it’s time to ensure you create better ones isn’t it. On the flip side, can you make some big changes and potentially destroy something that is blocking your path..? Yep, I do believe you can!

Ox & Rat begin to Combine Ah… now we will see the new 2021 year of the Ox start to shift in earnest, as the Rat welcomes the Ox forward… If you have an Ox in your chart, you’ll feel renewed purpose and a sense of ‘can do’ ~ don’t waste it, start to plan for next year NOW.

I know pretty much every blog hasn’t been a ray of sunshine this year, and clearly I’ve continued my track record here.

Yes, I hear ya ~ do you hear me…?

How you rise out of 2020 is up to you. Don’t be left behind, figure out a new way forward, and remember that above all else,

Just Believe….

By Sam Plovie

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