Can You Trust Your Boyfriend…?

Ooh, such a spirited question, let’s check these 3 things to…

Definitely not a fun position to be in when you feel your loved one has strayed, and yet, it’s exactly where many people find themselves over and over…

Is there a way to tell if someone is trustworthy…?

Can you tell if your boyfriend has a roving eye…?

There are many things that can tell us if a partner is trustworthy, how about we consider what Face Reading can tell us, and then it’s time to check your watch for something you’ve likely never considered before…

1. Eyes

His eyes are very important: as they are the windows to his true soul, and your first place to ‘look‘.

We love to see vibrant and sincere eyes, but he may have eyes that are not showing very much of the iris, and this gives us our first clue to look deeper…

Looks like we should keep going!

When the iris is covered, this means he likes to hide something from view… which sounds bad, but let’s keep things in perspective here.

Sometimes privacy is needed, and if he’s going to surprise you with a piece of bling, he’s likely going to hide his plans until it’s go-time right.


So, you have to mix this potential hiding something with other factors.

Maybe he is shy and has a hard time expressing himself, or is a very private person who likes to keep things intimately close…

Could be…but there is a possibility he is hiding something else…

To gather a true picture of your boyfriend, it is important to examine several features together, as only then can you understand the nature of what he hides.

2. Mouth

How about you take a slow look at that kisser of his, no, not for lipstick, I refer to the type of lips he has.

A balanced and well proportioned mouth is a good indicator of a trustworthy person… and often rather sensual too!

Put it this way, if your boyfriend’s eyes match our conversation here, and he’s been working late, acting evasive, has rather glistening gloss lips, with the scent of Chanel #5 wafting behind him…

Time to look him in the eye, and ask some sensitive questions!

3. Peach Blossom Jumps!

Hidden in his birthdate is something we call ‘Peach Blossom’ and if it is in his hour of birth, we say it has ‘Jumped The Wall’

When something jumps a wall, it escapes right… and what do unhappy or roving partners often reference their relationship…?

A trap, the old ball and chain, the apple and strife ~ ok, a little cockney rhyming slang for ‘wife’ there ~ but you get the jist right.

Peach Blossom Jumping The Wall is often a good indicator that a threesome is likely, however, it’s not one with you and Brad Pitt

Yeah I know, not fair right!

By Sam Plovie

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