Could This Be Why You Are Unhappy…?

When happiness eludes us, it’s likely we’re looking in the wrong places…

Happiness… a word that means so much to us all, and yet something uniquely different to every one of us right…

In this amazing world of ours, we tend to push ourselves forward constantly with mantras of being the best we can be and performing our best at all times.

That’s the goal right, to be the best, to be on all the time and to have it all together!

But is that really the way to be happy…?

Are we striving so hard that we don’t realise what is right in front of us…?

I believe we’ve forgotten to find happiness in the simple things, and we’ve likely forgotten one very important word…

I recently had to make some massive decisions that are exciting and energizing to my world, yet found myself consumed with concern over everyone else’s perception of those decisions and how they would affect them.

And therein lay the issue ~ I was thinking so much about others, I wasn’t thinking about what I needed… and I’ve been doing that for a very long time now.

I’d like to draw your attention to one word that can change everything:


I want you to say it out loud, whisper it, embrace it and feel the vibration on your tongue, because it’s a most amazing vibration indeed.

If you are unhappy in your life, or maybe just aspects of your life, this inspirational speech by Matthew McConaughey is exactly what you need to hear.

Take a moment, hit pause on your day, and listen, simply listen…

By Sam Plovie

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