Destruction Day

Oh dear, can such a negative Day be good for anything…?

I think you can already have a feel for what this day is good for… great for breaking things apart right.

Clearly this is useful for renovations, as taking down that annoying wall, opening a new doorway, and basically breaking things down to rebuild them will all work on a Destruction Day.

With such a powerful force at hand, not a great day for lovely things like marriages, proposals, or anything where your goal is to productively build relationships.

This would lean into meetings too, especially business ones, as you may end up in an argumentative standoff, with one party wanting to break the other down.

Best thing to do on a Destructive Day if your not renovating a building you ask me…?

Make a cup of hot tea and find a good show on Netflix ?

Of key importance, the Destruction Day is one of the 12 Day Officers, and even though it’s a major force for the day, other factors are in position too.

Every day has an element and an animal working with this Day Officer; alas, we cannot say it’s always wonderful, as the element / animal may be an unfavourable provocateur….

For optimal results, I advise working with me on specific Date Selection personalized to your birth chart, with optimal results for the specific activity. It’s the only way to really knock it out of the ball park!

By Sam Plovie

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