Do I Have A Guardian Spirit to Guide Me…?

You’ve wanted to listen to that inner voice on many an occasion, but pushed it aside as foolish right…? Guess what, NOT foolish ~ ridiculously spot on it’s time you meet this inner guide!

Absolutely yes you do!

Do you ever wonder why you are the way you are, what drives you to make decisions, or wonder how you could make better ones to improve your life…?

Oh yeah, there is so much we can explore, so how about I help you with this first step in understanding yourself, and how to make things better…

This Guardian Spirit is called a Ming Gua, and is an internal influence bestowed upon you at birth, with one pure goal in mind:

To guide you through your best life!

Based on your birthdate, your Ming Gua is the guiding force that defines your characteristics, your likes, dislikes, and even has a part in the friendships you make.

If you’ve done those personality quizzes online, gone through a Myers Briggs assessment, or endured corporate profiling in an interview, you need to get your hands on this information now!

Let me ask you this:

Ever wonder why you sleep better in some rooms, prefer your head pointing a specific direction, wake up feeling rested and raring to go…?

Or have you noticed in some office situations, when your desk is positioned ‘just so‘ you find yourself accomplishing tasks that used to stop you in your tracks…?

And how about that teamwork aspect, when that one person drives you nuts, and yet, you and Carol from accounting get along like a house on fire…?

That my friend, is your Ming Gua in action!

You need to think of this like your personal GPS, calibrated uniquely just for you.

It will take you exactly where you need to go ~ and it never needs updating, new batteries or a wifi connection!

I bet Apple would love to get their hands on this software right….

If you want to learn more about your key characteristics and why you do the things you do…

If you want to find out how to make better decisions that will positively affect your life…

Are you working in the right career, should you change careers…?

If you want to improve your relationships and have more love in your life, then you need to understand your Ming Gua.

Sometimes it is so simple, and just needs one action to set your best life in motion…

We need to know which Ming Gua is yours.

As we jump in together, it’s important to remember that your Ming Gua is far more than a number.

YOU are far more than a number and yet… oh so much can be gleaned from understanding this simplistic numbering system...

Curious to know your personal Gua number..?


Let’s use our handy-dandy online calculator to find your Ming Gua!

Simply enter your birthdate, highlight the gender and click calculate.

What do you see in the top right hand box, where is says Ming Gua…?

That my friend, is your Personal Guardian ~ your Ming Gua ~ ooh how exciting!

Now remember, your Ming Gua is not you, yet it will define your innermost relationships and is a guiding force in e-v-e-r-y step you take, and e-v-e-r-y move you make…

Is it just me, or can you hear Stings’ melodic voice rising in the background as you read that last bit…?

Ok, you ready to find out what directions are favourable for work, for sleep, who is your bestie… who could be problematic in your life…?

Oh my goodness, it’s like a soap opera, I’m on pins and needles waiting to find out!

Now you have your Ming Gua number, let’s get information to your fingertips ~ simply click on the number below that matches the one you got from our online calculator, and voila ~ your world is about to change for the better!

Pop over here to find your Ming Gua and download the awesome guidebook made just for you!

An awesome read no matter if this is just for your own reading, or you work in an office with lots of people and your career requires you to create relationships to build success.

Understanding everyone around you will become your single most valuable asset…

You’ll wonder how you ever got along without this information, it’s truly priceless!

By Sam Plovie

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