Do You Have A Dark Side And Do You Dare Look…?

Maybe it’s more fun if you do… just sayin’…

As I study birth charts (BaZi), I am able to understand so much about what lies within the details of a birth date and the intricacies of who a person truly is.

When we layer another skill of Face Reading (Main Xiang) over top ~ well, everything sparkles even more brightly, and pictures become clearer!

To identify different aspects of your birth chart, I use colourful markers to highlight elements in your birthdate, and realized as I was doing so recently, it’s like I’m creating a colourful cape that you wear.

Somewhat like a colourful super-hero cape unique to each person, we all have special qualities and we all have a bit of hero in us!

Avengers ~ here we come right!

However, I need to step back for a moment, to where it all began, and what I first uncovered as I began to learn these BaZi and Face Reading crafts…

To become skillful with these new areas of study, I was set the task of identifying my own ‘cape’…

I had to analyze my own birth chart, my own face – and that is where things took a downward turn….

As I analyze a chart, more information appears right before my very eyes, and it’s like viewing things from a different perspective, one that has heightened awareness, which is both good, and not so good…

A BaZi chart comes to life, and it’s inner connections and colours become more vibrant, meaningful and purposeful.

And therein lies the problem… I started looking at e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g… and shadows started to appear… shadows I didn’t like…

There I sat, gazing into a mirror, analyzing every mark, every wrinkle, every laugh line (thank goodness for laugh lines!) and things became intense.

There is a fine line between analytical and critical and I crossed it that day.

Instead of seeing the history of my face, interwoven with the intricacies of my birth chart, all I could see where the negatives of both, and I became unhappy…

What the heck was I doing to myself?

BaZi and Face Reading are meant to be helpful, not bloody depressing!

In Chinese Metaphysics, the interaction of yin and yang is the key to everything, if we don’t know one, we cannot know the other.

Without heat there is no cold, without light there is no dark: it is the simplest union of them all.

How could I expect my face to tell a story that was one sided?

How could I expect to have a birth chart that was angelic?

We all have a dark side, it is there whether we want it or not.

The important thing is not to hide from it: we are to embrace it, understand it, learn from it, and integrate it positively into our life… we are to become more self-aware.

One large inhale with an even bigger exhale and I know I am truly loved: dark side an’ all.

I know this when I look at my children’s faces as they roll their eyes, say; “Oh Mum...” and yet want to be with me for that cup of tea and biscuits.

When my colleagues smile warmly at my latest endeavour, somewhat rolling their eyes and commenting; “what will she do next..?

And most importantly, when my husband looks me straight in the eye: that intense look of love, and doesn’t need to say anything at all…

I could hide and fret over past mistakes, errors I’ve made, and decisions that could have been better…

But what the heck is the point of that?

To be a successful and happy person, you need to work with what you’ve got and look to the future.

I cannot change me, nor would I want to, and I won’t try to change you.

I will embrace you for who you are, and I encourage you to do the same with yourself.

am an amazing person, and so are you, even if we do have a bit of a dark side… In fact, I rather hope you have one like I do… bit more fun if you ask me

Who says blondes have more fun… Kelly gets it!

By Sam Plovie

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