Do You Have A Stalker In Your Bedroom

You know the feeling, that sense someone is watching you…

You know the feeling, that sense someone is watching you…

……a tingling up and down your spine, maybe that spidey sensation that puts your instincts to high alert right!

Yeah, we’ve all been there, unsure of why we feel the way we do, convinced it is real and yet unsure as to how we let the offending sensation take a hold in our mind…?

I think it’s time we talk about the hot stalker in your bedroom.

Who is he and how did he get there..?

Well, I would bet my last Rolo you unknowingly set things in motion the day you walked around Home Depot, desperately looking for respite from sweaty nights, restless sleep and intense frustration!

You brought him home, installed him comfortably above your bed without realizing the consequences of welcoming a potential nightmare into your bedroom.

There are consequences people, there are always consequences….

Without knowing it, you invited an obsessive fan into your private sanctuary, who is now watching your every move, potentially causing a disturbance between you and your loved one; it’s kinda like having a third party in the bedroom… but not the good kind!

Ok, ok clearly I am being a bit tongue-in-cheek here! The problematic obsessive fan I speak to is not the stranger who asked for directions in Home Depot, it’s a real live oscillating fan – that cooling appliance you turn to when the going gets too hot!

Seriously, did your mind go there again…? How about we stay on track – focus people focus!

While fans are wonderful for cooling us down, we can never forget they are activators of Qi as they skillfully move the air around us….

In an active space (home office, kitchen, living room, main entrance) we seek Yang Qi as we want to actively use the space so a fan can be great. This is particularly good if the room has been identified as a prosperous area of your home: the fan will circulate the prosperous Qi and everyone wins!

The problem arises when we move to a Yin Qi space, which means a quiet, often dark and still place, like your bedroom.

As we sleep, our body retreats inward to repair itself and make amends for all we have done that depleted us during the day. It’s a massive undertaking and requires stillness to function correctly: a fan disturbs the stillness as it constantly moves the air… Uh-oh!

When our sleep is disturbed, our body cannot heal itself, our psyche cannot be at peace and our dream-state is agitated. This all begins to erode at our health over time and it’s so much more than waking up a little groggy; it’s a health concern.

If your bedroom is super hot (stay focused people!) and you simply must have a fan, follow these guidelines to achieve bedroom Feng Shui success:

  • No ceiling fan – ever
  • Use a free-standing fan – tower, round or table-top are great options
  • Cool the room with your fan before you go to bed
  • Turn the fan off as you prepare to sleep

No-one understands the frustration of a hot bedroom (oh dear, not sure my hubby will like that sentence….) because I live in the Okanagan where summers are gloriously hot! Cool your bedroom by all means, but please do not throw your health under the spinning blade of the latest and greatest ceiling fan from Wayfair… sometimes they don’t have just what you need!

Give your body the rest it deserves with an undisturbed peaceful night’s sleep and watch how your life can improve.

Such a simple little change in the bedroom will make a big difference to your day and doesn’t involve an extra shot of espresso in your morning java!

Sadly, I will miss my early morning Nespresso delivery from George… oh the things a girl has to do to be good ?

By Sam Plovie

The Ultimate Guide By Your Side ~ QiPro Sam helps you remove the barriers that sabotage your success so you can live life at full potential

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