Establish Day

Is this really the best day to ‘establish’ something…?

Quite often we can just go with a word at face value, and this is a great example, as we can see it’s time to ‘Establish‘ something.

So is every Establish Day a fabulous day, will anything I do have an amazing outcome just because the title of the day says so then Sam…?

Great question ~ glad you are thinking outside the box as no, it’s not quite a slam dunk…

Let’s look back at how this Day got its title, and go from there ok.

In days of old, it is said an Establish Day was chosen as the day when the Emperor would pray for a good harvest. He was setting the tone, somewhat establishing how he wanted things to go and what his expectations were.

I always applaud such expectation setting, as I firmly believe what you give out is what you get back, and what you ask for is what you get. So you may as well ask for the best right!

Ok, so this Establish Day was clearly an important day, and remains so in our modern day world. In general, I would say this day is good for:

  • Starting a new job
  • Proposing to that loved one
  • Assuming a new position at work
  • Negotiating a business deal at the early stages
  • Checking in with friends for a good catch-up
  • Researching medical help
  • Begin new studies, possibly starting a new school
  • Planning your big trip, possibly the actual first day of travel too

Of course, we can expand the list, but you get the jist right. An Establish Day is good for establishing something long-term, setting the tone of how you want the arrangement to begin or maybe the relationship’s long-term capability.

By Sam Plovie

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