February 2024 Feng Shui & Astrology Forecast: The Tiger Wakes Us Up!

An unpredictable and reactive month, we will see massive changes and experience major redirects!

As we begin February on the 4th, we welcome a Tiger as an awakening leader, and he’ll encourage us to open our eyes wide!

This February is Bing Yin:

  • Bing is Yang Fire
  • Yin is Tiger

These are two explosively energetic aspects and we will see sudden and shocking changes.

Does this mean you run for the hills in the hopes of outpacing our determined Tiger…?

Nice try, but you can’t outrun this one.

February’s Fire

The Tiger is from the Spring season of the Chinese Zodiac, and he’s pushing up fire with purposeful intent.

For those of us in Northern climates, we’re going to have unexpected rain, as it’s too warm for those fluffy snowflakes!

For those of us in Southern climates, it’s still rain

Hey, don’t get mad at the messenger, it is what it is…

The challenge will be rapidly rising waters that change course without warning and start to flood!

This is the time to get your proverbial ducks in a row before they are literally washed away!

Emotionally charged

Emotions will rise like those waters, as we are welcoming a Dragon to lead 2024, and beginning a new 20 year cycle. Read more about our 2024 Wood Dragon →

This is like a secret combination of elements, and it’s all transforming into something new.

This is exciting… and a little bit scary...

Be sure to check in with your emotions and refrain from impulsive moves that send fiery sparks in all directions.

The Tiger likes to pounce by nature, and this fire is expansive and goes wherever it wants, which means we have an unpredictable month ahead.

The biggest factor in all of this is the combination effect. Rarely do we have such a rapid shift in energy, and we’re unprepared for our feelings.

It’s not an overflow of feelings, it’s a surge of them!

Positivity amidst change

Be thoughtful, but don’t overthink and bury yourself in procrastination, confusion and uncertainty.

Everything is shifting beneath your feet (literally!) and you are wise to be the calm amidst an approaching storm.

There is much to celebrate, as change is ultimately good and our February Tiger will encourage new growth.

Your mind will be bursting with ideas and the desire to create will be off the charts.

Throw your ideas out there to the Universe and see what comes flying back, as you will be surprised at the options you’ll have.

February’s Snapchat

You will experience so much this month, and I advise you to make lists of what you see, hear, whom you meet, which old flame reaches out, and everything else in between.

February is always a snapshot/snapchat of the year to come, which is both good and not so good.

Always focus on the good, where focus goes, energy flows right!

This is the month to start anew so don’t be afraid, the Tiger of February is here to give you courage!

Now let’s move into some Feng Shui and highlight areas in your home for favourable outcomes ~ coz it’s all about you!

Best Feng Shui This February

Feng Shui is the art and science of how a space will affect you. It’s the energetic wifi we tap into for greatness, and sometimes inadvertently tap into for problems…

The key is understanding the monthly wifi so you can make stronger and more purposeful moves, so let’s get straight to it! Use the beneficial areas more, and try to use the problematic areas less…

  • Northeast ~ I LOVE this area for fame and being seen by the powers that be. Spend time here and you will receive accolades for your hard work!
  • East ~ It’s all about overcoming the odds, and starting again with a spring in your step, especially for those lovebirds!

And how about the not so good areas?

  • Southwest ~ Beware burnout, this is an area that is literally too hot to handle, and will have you running on empty. Don’t sleep here if your are sick, or low immunity.
  • South ~ This area is hot in a real way, so be sure to remove all combustibles and beware feisty conversations that literally explode!

Keep in mind, you may not be able to avoid an area I speak to ~ I get that 100%. I ask you to become aware of the energy influences and do what you can in real time ok.

Alrighty, let’s move into our horoscopes and see what’s hot and what’s not!

Astrology Checkin

Find your Astrology Chart with our online calculator → and take a screenshot so you have your Chinese Astrology Chart and can follow along with February’s Horoscope!

In your birth chart, do you have:

Monkey Forecast

Technically a clash month for you, do not be afraid as this means change and you are about to share some great ideas that no one else has thought of! If you want change in your life, ya gotta make a change right. However, what I will add is you may have a caveat attached to some of your ideas, you have expectations… drop them, they will not serve you this month.

Snake forecast

When a Snake and a Tiger fall into step with each other, something is about to go off the rails… Be mindful when travelling, especially extra cautious on roads and trains. Emotionally, this could give you a feeling of losing your destination, so know to focus in on what you want and aim straight for it!

Pig forecast

It’s so hard to break habits, but this month, you have to do exactly that if you want 2024 to be different from 2023 my friend. You may be the one blocking your own path so for goodness sake, get out of your way! I also advise awareness around your expectations, others don’t owe you anything, so let go of expectations and take actions because it’s the right action to take. End of the day though, you will have assistance as the Tiger does have a sweet spot for you, so hang in there, I believe in you and so does our Tiger!

Final Thoughts from QiPro Sam ~ the guide by your side…

If you focus on one thing from everything I’ve shared here, let it be that this month will be your snapchat of what 2024 is about to bring for you.

You don’t have to have all the answers right here in this moment.

All you need is to be open to what will and can be for you.

Focus on you, your dreams, your ideas and where you want to be in your future, as it truly is within your grasp.

Notice I didn’t say control…?

If you focus on controlling the outcome, you’ll miss the opportunities presented for you along the way.

Don’t do that.

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By Sam Plovie

The Ultimate Guide By Your Side ~ QiPro Sam helps you remove the barriers that sabotage your success so you can live life at full potential