How Feng Shui Helps You Choose the Perfect Paint Colour for Your Home

The superior connection between Feng Shui, Design & Painter helps you achieve deeper harmony in your home

Long misunderstood due to inaccuracies inside Western Feng Shui whose focus is on corners, instant fixes and 10 easy steps…

Feng Shui and colour have a unique and very supportive relationship.

The superior connection between Feng Shui Specialist, Design Consultant & Professional Painter helps you achieve deeper harmony in your home.

My favourite quote; “Have your Aces in their places” fits perfectly, especially my relationship with Pride Painting here in Victoria.

Does Colour Matter in Feng Shui…?

Absolutely yes!

The relationship between paint colours and Feng Shui is super important.

The colours you select to paint your rooms and surround yourself with can dramatically influence your environment and emotional wellbeing.

It’s my job to reveal the energy pattern of the home that is affecting your career, health, wealth and relationships.

I provide direction for the designers and painters, and it’s their job to implement the best colours to support you.

It’s a team effort that seamlessly has your best interests at heart.

What does colour do in a home?

Colour can be utilized to enhance your home’s atmosphere and energy.

It’s not so much that colour is Feng Shui ~ it’s not.

However, colour can enhance the Feng Shui energy flow of your home so you are happier, healthier and wealthier.

Feng Shui teachings say that different colours and position of elements can affect how energy moves in a space.

Every color has its own specific energy and affects the ambiance and mood of the place.

We utilize the colour in the paints to bring in all the positive energy and emotions to the space.

For instance, blue paint colours bring in the energy of water that translates into tranquility and calmness in the space. This helps create a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

While green colour paint has an academic focus, a creative and educative feel that can stimulate the space.

One caveat about green though…

Placed incorrectly it can attack health and weaken wealth. (This is why you’ll see us experts use soft greens with mild tones in their application)

Do all colours have an energy imprint…?

Sort of…

For every color, the underlying emotion and energy associated with it is different. And that’s why it is essential to hire QiPro Sam first to analyze the space before choosing any paint colours.

When I suggest specific colours for a room, it is to support all who live and work in the space.

The goal is to have you productively working during the day, and effortlessly sleeping during the night.

Why hire a professional painter Sam…?

When you hire a professional painter (Pride Painting in Victoria & Nanaimo) you can save a lot of time and money.

Experts in their job and can paint the space in a short span of time, saving you time and energy.

They can also suggest the best paints / colours available that match my recommendations and make your home beautiful.

The relationship between paint colours and Feng Shu will enhance your home in an enjoyable and positive way.

Feng Shui setting the plan ahead of the painters arrival saves you thousands of dollars and countless hours of indecision.

Your home is your sanctuary, and with the right approach of Feng Shui & colour you will reap rewards far beyond your imagining…

Always have your Aces in their places…

By Sam Plovie

The Ultimate Guide By Your Side ~ QiPro Sam helps you remove the barriers that sabotage your success so you can live life at full potential

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