Feng Shui Secrets To Buying Your New Home

Probably the biggest investment of your life, let’s make it a good one!

Ok, so you’ve decided to step into the big leagues and invest your hard earned cash into that adorable home you’ve had your eye on just down the street…

Great, I love that you are heading into home ownership, but how about I layer on some vital information that could save you thousands almost instantly.

Yeah, that thousands word got your attention didn’t it.

We’re going to discuss 5 Feng Shui Principles that are far more important than whether the home has hardwood floors, a convection oven or designer blinds.

Authentic Feng Shui is all about how the environment affects you, so how about we start from the outside of your home, and work our way in ok.

Take a moment as you first arrive to the home, and look at what you see, really look at what you see. Silence the real estate agent chatter and stand quietly ~ not only will this help you sense the home, but you’ll see things cleverly hidden from view in the MLS listing photographs.

1. Street Appeal

Does the house fit in the street, does it look like it belongs…?

Avoid a home that stands out from the others, likely in a negative way… You don’t want the nicest house on a bad block, and you don’t want a house that is odd compared to the others around it. Everything needs to meld and connect positively.

If the home sits at a weird angle to the street… I definitely no-likey so much! Try to ensure your home is parallel to the road, or at least in sync with it, and kinda looks like it belongs…

I ask you to think of this like your family ~ do you want to fit in, or stand out…?

Yeah, thought so.

2. Main Entrance

Any lamp posts or tall tree inline with the front door…?

This is a definite Feng Shui No-No, and can cause major issues.

Known as Heart Piercing Sha, such a negative feature somewhat pierces into the core of the home, which then reaches outward to all who live there.

A tree you can remove, a lamp post, probably not, so even though you may love this home, it’s best to stop away to prevent issues with your career and the health and wellbeing of your loved ones.

Next up, look at the entrance, is it tidy, welcoming and bright with ample space by the front door…?

This area is called the Ming Tang, and is where Qi collects and calms before entering the home.

If we can, we seek an internal Ming Tang, and an external one, as then Qi is supported both inside and out. It’s not so much doing things in 2’s, it’s more about providing the environment that cultivates good qi accumulation and circulation.

Kinda like you and I as we unlock the door and get ready to step over the threshold ~ we gather ourselves, take a breath and step forward with a smile right. We want the same for Qi, as then prosperity and wellbeing can be enhanced and circulate freely in the home. Ideally, we want a nice open area inside this door also.

Now let’s step inside, have a little wander at your potential new pad…

3. Heart Of Your Home

They say family is the heart of your home, so protect it well!

The centre of your home is the core, the heart if you will, and your life will be directly affected by what is at this core, or possibly annoying this core....

Open concept homes are Aok, as Qi flow is free flowing throughout so usually a balance between what could be negative and what is positive is achieved by open association.

The challenge comes when we place something super active in the centre of our home like a kitchen, toilet or stairs.

Uh-oh, not free flowing Qi, we prefer to see these areas elsewhere. Stairs are best in an active area, preferably where a Feng Shui Professional says they need to be, and can irritate the core of a home…

3. Island Mayhem

Popular trends can cause havoc with Feng Shui!

Ideally we like to see a stove cooktop on a wall, not in an island…

When your stove is in the island, it breaks something called 8 House Feng Shui, and can create issues with the overall health in the home. The theory is the cooktop supports everyone in the home as family members will gather to eat food made on this cooktop.

However, for the best food to be made, that cooktop needs a facing and a sitting ~ basically needs to be open at its front, and closed at its back. Placing a cooktop / stove against a solid wall provides the stability and functionality preferred here.

For me, there is actually another reason to avoid a stove on the island ~ super practical ~ everyone gathers around an island, so who wants food splashed on them, smells near their new silk shirt, or potentially hooking a pot’s handle on a loose fitting sleeve right..?

See, Feng Shui isn’t difficult, it’s very logical.

While this may look cool and be trendy in all the popular mags… it most certainly is not Feng Shui trendy, so keep on thumbing through those MLS listings please!

Ah, now this next image is perfect!

Stove firmly in position against a wall, with an open area in front of it.

Very practical, and makes Sam happy… and heaven knows we need to keep Sam happy!

Oh, and iff the kitchen sink is directly opposite the stove, we try to avoid this too, as it is considered fire (stove) and water (sink) clash.

However, wanna know my fix on this…?

Place a green mat by the sink, between the stove and sink, and you’ve cleverly inserted a Feng Shui cure of wood. Now the fire and water no longer fight, they communicate smoothly with a water to wood to fire scenario.

Voila, you are a Feng Shui Pro in the making!

5. Bumps in The Bedroom!

Bumps during the night in bed is one thing… oppressive Qi is quite another!

It is super important to get a fabulous night’s sleep, and there are many factors you need to consider, but the one that jumps out first and is easy to see is beams above the bed.

While this may appear cool in the design… not so cool for you and definitely poor Feng Shui!

A beam running across the ceiling, doesn’t matter which way, creates a negative influence on the Qi. As you sleep, that Qi affects you, so if it’s negatively affected, so will you be!

You may experience headaches, trouble sleeping and feel lethargic and uninspired…

And if you think it’s just about getting some Zzz’s, think again!

Oppressive Qi in the bedroom can affect performance in the bedroom and outside, and I’m pretty sure inside the bedroom you want to keep things ticking along nicely right…?

Such negativity can spill over to your career, as it’s hard to put in a long day’s work if you are tired, and yes, the boss is sure to notice!

So, end of the day, don’t get hung up on these tips, but I do advise you consider them, as I’ve seen every single one of them play out with family’s I work with, and I would rather you avoid this hassle altogether.

Best advice I can give you here:

Take your time, pay attention to the home as you walk toward it, walk into it and walk around it.

The home will connect with you, and it will send text messages of its intent, you simply need tune into that house’s wifi code and let the download begin.

By Sam Plovie

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