For Goodness Sake ~ Don’t Do What I Did!

Make sure the most important things in life are always on your mind

I wanted to share a story from a few years back, as I realise this 2019 has been really hard on you… Take a moment to read my words below, and find the message that is carefully tucked away for you to find, and don’t make the same mistake I made, as you may not be so lucky!

It was February 19, 2013 and I was cooking dinner when my husband casually asked “Where’s Spencer?” “Oh, she’s playing outside” I answered….. and then I thought, wait a minute, she went out ages ago…

Now I could break down every moment of the next harrowing 57 minutes as we started to realize something could be wrong.

I could tell you about the haunted looks exchanged between myself and Rick, the phone calls made to every friend, and the quiet, yet eerily efficient way the whole neighbourhood mobilized within minutes to search for our darling 13yr old daughter Spencer.

I could explain in detail how I stood by a dark window as my son drove off in one direction, my husband in another, and headlamps were strapped on as neighbours started scouring the parks.

Each ring of the phone brought the same horrible sentence, “Haven’t seen her, is she home yet?”…

No, she wasn’t.

As I stood there with arms wrapped around myself as if to hold the potential horrors of my mind at bay, I knew this could end badly and I thought back over 13 years to that darling little cherub Spencey.

The Universe was sending me a message, in fact it had been sending ‘texts’ for some time…

For two months prior to this awful night, I had been working like crazy to ensure my clients’ needs were met: I had effectively worked myself into exhaustion. My body was shutting down (literally) and yet I kept turning away from the messages it was sending.

So what if I’d lost weight, smoothies are the modern day dinner right? Enlarged spleen… oh I’m sure it was always that way. As for the headaches… I mean really, this whole 8 hours sleep thing is highly overrated and drinking more water just makes me go pee!

Oh trust me, I had all the answers, and a few to spare….

So what happens when you don’t listen to your body?

The Universe steps in, that’s what.

Standing alone and crying, I began to find peace, as I felt someone was watching from above, and gently acknowledging: “mission accomplished, she received the message loud and clear“.

If I wasn’t going to listen to my body, then another way would be found, and oh what a powerful conduit Spencer had become.

As if on cue, Spencer appeared by the window, smiled her gorgeous grin and mouthed “Is dinner ready?”

As she walked in without a care in the world, and started talking about the cute deer she had seen and the beautiful icicles she’d found: I just sat there and inhaled her youthful chatter…

It was time to plan more favourite dinners, time to use her artistic talents in a game of Pictionary, and time to snuggle together reading favourite books.

It was time to put my family first again.

As I prepared to step away from work for over 2 months, with a supportive healing team by my side, I knew I finally had my priorities right.

Many had tried to intervene, and yet it was my flaxen haired daughter who inadvertently showed me the way.

To be successful we think we need to do it all, but do we really?

I don’t believe you can have it all, something has to give.

I think it’s a juggling act, and it’s only a matter of time before you drop something… so you better decide what you can afford to drop…

2019 is a year of fear, uncertainty and an emotional roller coaster for many. I bet you’ve got lots on your mind, just not sure if your mind’s focus is where it’s best to be…

I didn’t have to re-learn this lesson from 2013, trust me, it hit home the first time! But maybe you’re falling into some of my old footsteps…?

Thought so.

Understand you have control, you are in charge of how your workday looks, your family time plays out, and enjoying that 20 minute stop at Starbucks if that’s what makes you happy.

I’m reminding you to be happy with what is around you ~ not what could be out of reach.

I found ways to help my clients after dinner with my family, and after I’ve read the latest chapter of a good book with family close by…

Don’t wait for an emergency text message of an emotional Tsunami heading your way; slow everything down now and clear your mind so important things can be featured there.

My family will forever, firmly be always on my mind…

By Sam Plovie

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