Found Yourself On The Edge Lately…?

There is a better way forward, once you recognize the signs

When we find ourselves on the edge of something, teetering a little precariously, we can become confused and scared about where to go. We may be unsure what to do or how to get there, and an overwhelming sense can befall our shoulders all too quickly…

But it needn’t be that way.

There are continual signs that direct us carefully, once we learn how to see them… once we learn how to tune into the right frequency that swirls around us…

Rushing through our busy day, we can become oblivious to what is glaringly obvious, often followed by a: “Uh-oh, I didn’t see that coming!” when something goes awry.

Well guess what… you could have seen it coming.

Do I refer to a trending app, a book, or a gifted inspirational speaker perhaps…?

Nope, it’s easier than that my friends ~ simply tap into the best iCloud ever built…

The Universe is like your personal iCloud, and it’s waiting for you to login and accept its latest download.

An infinite space, it has witnessed the rise and fall of many an Empire, catalogued every action/invention known to man with a memory capacity that Apple would be proud of, and holds the answers to every query you could ever have!

So how do you login and start your personalized download..?


Learn to quiet your mind: stand still, ask, listen, watch… and openly receive what is sent to you, that’s how!

No Rogers or Telus account required ~ just you.

I study Tai Chi: pure meditation in motion… I still my mind, I ask a question, and then I go about my day. And for my personal iCloud download to complete, iTunes activates as music is most often my medium.

Every time I open myself up, the answer comes inside a song and my mind captures it willingly.

At first, I worried if I understood these songs correctly, if the message really was for me…?

Oh yes my friends, I assure you it is ~ once you tap into the Universe, you will forever have the most up-to-date OS you’ll ever need.

Still your mind, ask a question, and ye shall receive your answer.

This is also akin to Qi Men Dun Jia, which identifies locations of energy waiting for you to activate and tap into its potential. Once we understand that energy is all around us, right at our fingertips, our lives can become a whole lot easier.

Recently, I found myself at a crossroads, and to be honest… was scared of what lay in front of me. I’ve been at a few crossroads in my life, but this one was like a converging bottleneck, and needed my full attention to prevent said bottleneck from blocking everything around it.

My team were all gung-ho, somewhat cheering and saying “let’s do this Sam!” but my mind began to mess with me, sending those annoying mind-text messages that dig away at your confidence, you know the ones I’m talking about right?

Yeah, thought so.

After some contemplation, even the sacred moves of Tai Chi were challenged to unblock my mind, and that’s when I realised I had to let go more, and ask a better, more direct question.

My dear Sifu has always said: “keep thinking, but thinking is too slow” … oh what a wise man he is indeed!


  • I stopped thinking ~ I have a team who do that exceptionally well
  • I stopped reading those mind-texts ~ sent them to the junk folder
  • I started opening my minds-eye ~ and everything shifted almost instantly!

The onslaught of songs and visual signs were everywhere throughout the next few days: I was humbled, and deeply grateful as now I could see clearly. Now I could see what needed to be seen.

One email later, sent to activate my Sproing team, and I am firmly on track, heading exactly where I need to head, in fact, I’ve been heading there for a while, just hadn’t realised it.

Funny how that works isn’t it, once we simply surrender…

Whatever success you seek in life, be sure you are looking for it in the right places and accessing the right software ~ YOUR software.

Learn to log in to the best iCloud ever built and you’ll access the truest answers you’ll ever need.

For you it may be a picture, a song, or a written word…. each of us is unique and so is our connection to what is around us.

So I ask you this:

  • What do you need help with..?
  • What do you need to see clearer..?
  • What question do you need to ask..?

Go on, take a moment to work on this, and then be sure to watch the signs along the way…

By Sam Plovie

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