How To Bring Feng Shui Luck Into Your Home Office

Setting up your office the Feng Shui way, creates a space that is aesthetically pleasing and supports your goals and aspirations!

The home office has become a crucial space in our lives, especially in the past year with the rise of remote working.

No longer just a space to pay bills and answer emails, it is a space where productivity and success are cultivated.

That’s where the concept of Feng Shui comes in.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on harmonizing the energy flow (or chi) in a space.

By incorporating Feng Shui principles in our home office setup, we can create a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also supports our goals and aspirations.

What are the steps to incorporate Feng Shui into my home office?

The first step in creating the best Feng Shui home office is to assess the energy flow of your home.

The energy flow should be supportive of concentration, clarity, purpose, and focus. This is necessary for a successful and productive work session.

Ensure the exterior of your home is clear of dead trees, and unwanted stored items!

Review if all the interior rooms are primarily clutter free, bright, welcoming and free of dead plants and excessive furniture.

When a space is open and tidy it encourages positive Qi flow that enhances overall wellbeing and prosperity.

Is there a wealth element in my home?

It is also important to align your home office with the wealth element of your home. This will ensure that you are paid well for your hard work!

Assessing your home to uncover the wealth area is complex and needs a Feng Shui professional.

However, setting up your home office with Feng Shui principles to enhance your opportunities is something you can easily do!

QiPro Sam Special Note: Be mindful of the Western Feng Shui approach to Feng Shui ‘corners’ as there are no such corners!

Why facing your desk the right way is important for Feng Shui success!

It is essential to have a desk positioned in the room, with your back supported by a solid wall.

Do not place the desk in line with the entry door. It is preferable to have a view of the entry.

This allows for a sense of stability and security while ensuring that you are not disturbed by people passing by.

Do not to sit with your back towards the door, as it could cause feelings of vulnerability and affect your focus.

This is especially crucial in a corporate office setting where interruptions can be costly!

Glass or floating design desks are not beneficial for Feng Shui.

A solid rectangular desk is your trusted go-to in Feng Shui.

Why is my chair an important Feng Shui factor?

Your chair aligns with the “4 Animal Principle” and is widely used to create the best Feng Shui flow in a space.

Applying this principle to your home office setup is easy and specifically aligns with your desk chair.

The tall back of your chair represents the Black Turtle, which symbolizes support and stability, much like a mountain.

The two arms of your chair represent the Azure Dragon on your left and the White Tiger on your right.

These two animals represent your “right-hand people,” such as assistants or colleagues who help you.

The open front of your office chair connects with the Crimson Bird, symbolizing opportunities and success. Like a bird flying high and able to see great distances.

Does clutter affect my home office?


To maintain a clutter-free and organized workspace is crucial in Feng Shui.

The old saying “a space for everything and everything in its place” definitely applies here.

A cluttered or disorganized workspace can lead to mental clutter and affect your judgment and overall productivity.

Only have things in your office that you need to fulfil your work commitments.

Store excess office items out of sight, with efficient storage systems.

Creating an effective home office is not the same as using an old room to complete work tasks.

A purposefully designed space will cultivate purposeful productivity.

Which plants help the Feng Shui in my home office?

Placing 4 stalks of bamboo is auspicious for achieving authority through your skills, and a jade plant is auspicious to increase income.

However, let’s not forget you need to do the actual work to generate income; a plant cannot do that for you.

Plants must be healthy, as dead or wilted plants represent stagnant energy.

Avoid spiky leaf plants and cacti as their energy is sharp and may create unwanted criticism aimed at you.

Why you are smart to incorporate Feng Shui principles into your home office

Setting up your office with good Feng Shui aligns your space with harmonious energy flow and will support your work goals.

It also contributes to maintaining a healthy work-life balance, by creating a calm and productive space.

When you align with your office Feng Shui, you align with more opportunity.

With a well-designed Feng Shui home office, you can achieve success and amplify your career efforts.

Feng Shui is the secret advantage of many successful business people, and now it can be part of your success story too.

By Sam Plovie

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