How To Read The Signs Of The Universe & Win At Life!

A firm believer that life happens for us (not to us) I love when the Universe sends a message.

If you’re like me, you pay attention to your environment and pause when something catches your eye…

Which is exactly what I did when I saw this ‘111’ as I opened my laptop the other day. 

A firm believer that life happens for us (not to us) I love when the Universe sends a message. We all love a nudge as most often, it’s exactly what we need in the moment. 

How about I give you the backstory as then you’ll understand ‘why’ I’m sharing this. 

Why paying attention to the signs is important!

I had taken some much needed time out of office to ‘clear some life stuff.’

And did what many of us do during that process: overthink and worry about the fact I wasn’t working

Yep: overthink #101 was in operational overdrive status that day let me tell you!

I was questioning many areas of my life, especially if I ‘could do this’ after a year of big changes. 

As always the Universe is listening, and sent me its version of a text message:

“Yep, you’re on the right track, I’ve got your back, keep going Sam!” 

The Universe does have your back!

Numerology is not my specialty, I simply find it fascinating and have learned to trust when certain numbers show themselves. 

Next time you see a trio of numbers (111, 222, 444 etc) pay attention.

You’ll find a tonne of info online that will help you decipher what you see. 

The point in sharing my “111” moment is to share that I was lost and felt very alone.

Questioning my life, my actions, decisions, motivation, pretty much everything…

I wasn’t in a good head space. 

I didn’t want to do QiMen (Chinese Strategy) as I knew my questions were too broad, majorly unfocused, too abstract. QiMen is specific, so I couldn’t pull on my expertise to help myself. 

I needed external help.

Why we need to ask for help when we need it! 

As I saw that magic “111” on my email icon, I smiled, let out my held breath, and opened myself up to a more receptive mindset. 

“111” is a moment in time to trust, to surrender and allow yourself to be guided.

It is a reminder you are on a journey of discovery, potentially a new horizon. 

I know you are questioning things too, not sure if you’ve done it right to this point…

Or if you can do it right into the future…?

I get you 100%

Guess what; you don’t have to get it right.

You simply need to be open to what it ‘could be’ and follow the signs when you see them. 

Around this particular day, I also saw “444” and trust that what is for me, won’t go by me. 

I will be present and let go of controlling the outcome.

I encourage you to slow your day down, look around you, and ‘see’ what is there to be ‘seen’…

The Universe does have your back, never forget that.

Simply take your foot off the gas pedal of life once in a while to slow down and appreciate where you are in that moment. 

By Sam Plovie

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