Initiate Day

Need a day to begin a new project, and put agreements into position..?

This is generally a great day for literally ‘initiating’ something.

Beneficial for start new work projects, set agreements into position, both signing and implementation, and pretty much set a good standard for whatever you begin.

Also useful for opening a new business, which can be a grand opening, or a smaller, let’s get this going approach ~ both will have favourable outcomes.

If you need to start a construction project, big or small, this is a good day to begin, especially if you need to break ground on something.

Interestingly enough, even though this day has a lovely sound to it… it’s very close to a destructive force coming up within 24 hrs…

Because of this, it’s best not to begin travelling (may go over 24hrs right) or moving into a new home as would respond to more of a settling, Stable kind of day….

Of key importance, the Initiate Day is one of the 12 Day Officers, and even though it’s a major force for the day, other factors are in position too.

Every day has an element and an animal working with this Day Officer; alas, we cannot say it’s always wonderful, as the element / animal may be an unfavourable provocateur….

For optimal results, I advise working with me on specific Date Selection personalized to your birth chart, with optimal results for the specific activity. It’s the only way to really knock it out of the ball park!

By Sam Plovie

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