Is Chinese or Western Astrology Better..?

Each has a unique story to tell – which one depends on you…

Western Astrology & Chinese Astrology are quite different, and yet intrinsically the same.

Aren’t you glad when I demystify stuff for ya ? … 

Ok, let me explain myself:

Both professions work closely with your date of birth, and on the surface they look incredibly simple.

Take a closer look though and you will soon learn that many intricacies lie within the collection of numbers in your birthdate…

Is the month of birth important…?


Whether a Chinese Astrologer or a Western Astrologer, each will consider the month of birth as a pivotal point for the reading and create a chart with this at the centre of what they do. 

However, this is also where the two theologies start to separate…

What does Western Astrology look like…?

Western will have references names like Aries, Leo, or Capricorn, and will link to transition times and constellations.

We all love a good read while standing at the local cafe stop in the morning, our eyes are sure to slide over the daily newspaper horoscope column to see what our day is really going to be like right!

Yep, I’m right there with you!

What does Chinese Astrology look like…?   

Chinese Astrology will speak to animal names, like Horse, Dog and Tiger ~ somewhat like the 12 months of Western Astrology there are 12 Chinese Animals.

These 12 animals are simply markers of time and will have characteristics that are said to influence your life.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love those fun placemats in Chinese restaurants, talking to our apparent ‘traits’ while we munch on chow mein & lemon chicken!

Of course, no meal would be complete without the famous fortune cookie with desert – clearly our real destiny ?

Which Astrologer is better to hire…?

Whichever Astrologer you speak with, one thing is going to bind them together in a uniquely fascinating way – they will actually provide the same reading from a different perspective.  

Depending on which Astrologer you speak with, your story will have varying descriptive words, but the meaning will be undeniably the same. 

Which Astrologer is best for you..? 

Both are excellent choices, and I could be cheeky here and say it depends on whether you are a coffee drinker, or love Chinese food…

But the truth of the matter is, it depends.

I am an Eastern Astrologer schooled in the Chinese way, and I have found the Chinese Astrology to be far more comprehensive and effective in today’s fast paced modern world.

In case you hadn’t already noticed… I bring a sense of humour forward with every reading as life is hard enough, so we need to lighten things up.

Focusing on a ‘can do’ approach, I believe Chinese Astrology holds the key to unlock your true potential.

But I’m also going to be the first to say that you need to find your groove, and the groove of the person you decide to work with.

There is no actual wrong or right here, because we’re all unique individuals so find your unique way ok.

And if you’re ready to have a chat about your Astrology chart, I’m right HERE for you ?‍♀️   

By Sam Plovie

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