Is It Time To Save Yourself..?

Um ~ Duh ~ Yes it is! We need to do an intervention and get you onto……..

With uncertainty rising, borders closing and more restrictions daily, things can get get out of whack all too quickly…

We have to slow it down, and it all starts with something you may not have considered…

Helping each other is crucial right now, and yet, is there something we need to do first, during all this Covid-19 mayhem…?

Yes, there is.

To give freely is a most wonderful gesture and whether it be time, money, or a bag of groceries dropped off… we are wise to give unconditionally, for that is the only true way to give.

2020 has literally knocked us off our feet, with fear, indecision and a palpable sense of breathlessness.

It’s time you take a moment, breathe deeply and take care of yourself first as then, and only then, can you take care of others.

I have just come off the phone with my marketing team, making plans to ensure you have information you can use, right at your fingertips with downloadable documents and informative Podcasts.

Right now, it’s all about you!

My world is no different from yours ~ it’s about to change irreversibly and forever…

  • Strategies that worked in the past, may not be viable now...
  • Products that you bought, may not appeal anymore…
  • Services that I offered, may not address your needs

I have to flip my world around, not only for myself, but for you, as we are in this together, and we need to give each other whatever we can.

As we prepare to be alone, we must remember to stay together ~ yes, a statement that doesn’t seem to make sense, and yet totally does!

As you map out what your new version of a day looks like, I encourage you to create unique ‘me‘ time ~ you need to do this!

Most often when we say the word ‘me‘, we come under fire because ‘we‘ are being selfish; surely a good person would put everyone else first and themselves second right?


A smart person understands that to save others, you must save yourself first.

My favourite analogy for this, is that of being on an airplane: if the oxygen mask drops in front of you, you must put it on yourself firstbefore you reach over to help the person next to you.

You are of no use to anyone if you give your oxygen away before you’ve drawn your first breath.

Are you breathing in this whisper of wisdom…?

I see people struggling as they approach unforeseen financial changes, coupled with a sense of loss for the life they had been building, all now redirected under the the big C word…

Who knew there would be an even worse word than Cancer, for the letter ‘C’…?

Whether we planned it or not, we need to adapt now ~ we actually have no choice.

But ~ we do have choice in our approach to this adaptation, never forget that!

As we withdraw and dip down, doing our best to flatten the curve, remember that we will come out of this, we will experience an upswing when the time is right.

Yes, our battle scars may be many by the time we are up, and the stories we tell future generations will have them wide-eyed and disbelieving…

All I ask is that as you look around to help others, please remember to help yourself first.

If you give all your oxygen away, you’ll starve yourself of vital life-giving breath, that will affect not only you, but your family, your business, your life.

In all honesty, right now, people need something you can give, it’s another C word actually:


If we have to be tagged with this darn Covid-19 label, let’s at least find positive ways to play with the word itself.

#Compassion2020 has my full support!

I’m not the holy grail with all the answers for you; I’m simply Sam.

Sharing my compassion, loving you from a distance without expectations is how we will make it through this.

When I love you unconditionally, with a smile and a wave hello emoji on social media, you gain strength to hold your own oxygen mask.

Whatever 2020 has unearthed for you to deal with, I know you can do this.

Take a breath for yourself first, and know you are worthy, you are strong and you are loved.

Oh man, you are loved!

….And remember, you can choose whether to radiate or drain.

I choose to radiate, it’s what I was born to do! ?

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By Sam Plovie

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