Is June’s Horse A Carousel Ride We’ll Enjoy…?

We may be past Mercury Retrograde and Groundhog Day aspect but if you are looking for a quiet month, you’re gonna have to keep looking!

We may be past Mercury Retrograde and Groundhog Day aspect but if you are looking for a quiet month, you’re gonna have to keep looking!

The good news is that the ‘Harm’ situation between May Snake and 2022 Tiger is over and thank god! I don’t think we could handle watching any more shootings ?

June is Bing Wu:

  • Bing is Yang Fire like the Sun
  • Wu is our feisty Horse!

A very bright month, this is a time of showing off with no wallflowers allowed. Could be uncomfortable for some, and there’s no way around it… ya have to go with it this month.

Like a show Horse prancing around the ring, clearing impossible jumps in record speed with a winning sparkle in its eye, this is a determined month for sure!

Yep, get performance ready as all eyes will be tuned in, scrutinizing your every move…

How will such speed affect us…?

To some degree it’s good, we’ll find ourselves making decisions, moving forward and basically getting shit done.

The trick will be for those who hesitate or second-guess their moves… that’s a dark hole to fall into that will suck your energy and initiate instability within you.

It will be important to be confident in your moves, and if you are unsure about something, pull on your resources so you have the intel you need to make the call.

Is the Astrological Horse a friend or a foe…?

For a few, this is a penalty month, so be sure to check the Astrology below.

For many, this is a time of action, however, teamwork will not be at the forefront, as Horses challenge one another and only one can lead.

There is a strong sense of leadership so find your position and be confidently lead or follow ~ just don’t stay in an indecisive position.

How will we feel this Horse month…?


There, I said it, not go be it ?

When the energy aligns like this, we will feel a surge, a desire to achieve, to complete, to compete even, and these are all ‘yang’ feelings.

Yang simply means active, so we know this month isn’t a reflective, quiet, slow month ~ it just can’t be ?‍♀️

So, what do we do this June month…?

You scout out new pastures, new adventures, new opportunities.

You may find yourself walking away from something and that is Aok as it’s time to ‘trot’ toward a new future.

This is where the uncomfortableness may catch you unawares… In all this change, there will be change, and are you ready for that?

If you have been honest with yourself, yes you are ready.

But if you’ve not opened yourself up, this will feel too fast and possibly out of control.

It’s not out of control ~ take back control.

How to calculate your success with an Astrological Horse!

To come out ahead this June month, you need to know your risks.

If you haven’t done so already, do the recon and calculate the potential outcomes.

Being prepared is how you win, and if you want the prize ribbon this month, you need to know who and what you’re up against.

You will be tested, there is no doubt in my mind. How you pass this test is entirely up to you, and how you prepared…

Alrighty, let’s take a look at your environment now!

4 Feng Shui tips you must have!

Now let’s move into some Feng Shui and highlight two fab areas in your home for favourable outcomes this month!

  • Northwest ~ Woohoo, this is a great area for wealth generation, career growth, recognition and possible promotion!
  • North ~ Definitely a push to ‘move’ here, which can be real-time travel or pushing a new venture forward ~ with gusto!

Time to balance this out, which areas are best to avoid then Sam?

  • East ~ Um… can’t sugarcoat this one, as it’s argumentative, full of misunderstandings and potentially raises a tax issue…
  • West ~ Ooh feisty! Tremendous passionate heat here, and not the good kind, so steer clear to avoid fiery activities ~ real and emotional!

Keep in mind, you may not be able to avoid an area I speak to ~ I get that 100%. I ask you to become aware of the energy influences and do what you can in real time ok.

Your astrology forecast this month!

Alrighty, let’s move into our horoscopes and see what’s hot and what’s not! Don’t know your Astrology Chart…? No problem, check it HERE and come right back to read more about you!

In your birth chart, do you have:

Rat: If you want something to change, than change it ?‍♀️ You hold the cards on this one my friend so lean in, and lean in good! Change can be uncomfortable, I get that, but change is what you’re gonna get this month, so lead the way!

Ox: Bit of a head-but go around this month for you and you’ll likely feel stuck and possibly belligerent at the same time… quite the feeling right ?‍♀️… To stay out of harms way, you’ll need to push that stubborn streak of yours out of reach, as you are the one that will get stuck ~ ouch!

Horse:  Not one of my favs this month, you need to be uber careful about creating issues for yourself so pull back, slow down and hit the pause button once in a while. Ask your trusted crew if you have big decisions to make, as left alone, you may make the wrong one…

Rabbit: A slightly destructive feel for you, so be mindful of what battles you begin.. or better still, don’t enter any! Sometimes you can use this type of energy to destroy something and build it better… the problem is, the June Horse is more powerful than you right now, so you are the one who may get kicked… Stay out of harms way please!

Goat: Ah… True friends through thick and thin, this is a month of collaborations and assistance! Connect with the people you need, and you will get where you want to go. Yep, it can be that easy!

When a Fire Horse gallops into play, things move fast, but that doesn’t mean you get trampled in the process!

Use the highlighted areas from the Feng Shui section to get ahead, and read the Astrology tips to circumvent issues approaching.

Life is easy once we lead with awareness as then we make better decisions that positively impact our life ?

Ooh ~ one more thing before you go!

Do you want the deets on how this month affects you personally…?

Pick up your very own forecast to gain secret wisdom on which moves to make, which ones to hold on… and those special lucky dates I love to share!

By Sam Plovie

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