Is March Madness Upon Us…?

Well, that depends on your definition of madness, if you’ve been invited to tea with Alice, and what your expectations are doesn’t it…?

Well, that depends on your definition of madness, if you’ve been invited to tea with Alice, and what your expectations are doesn’t it…?

Beginning March 5, 2021 month is Xin Mao:

  • Xin is Yin Metal
  • Mao is our playful Rabbit…

I found myself picturing a Cheshire Cat grinning while crazy antics swirl around our naive Alice in Wonderland this March month…

Have I lost my way, fallen down a tree well and succumbed to the shouts: “off with her head!

Nah, I’m good ~ just don’t get out much anymore with this whole Pandemic thing so have to find entertainment where I can… ?

As vaccines roll out and governments march troops to contain mobs vying for their rights ~ it all seems a tad surreal doesn’t it, kinda like a storybook gone wrong…

I don’t believe Lewis Carrol had such thoughts for his narrative ~ but I decided to jump on board and give us something to grin about. Bit of a distraction technique on my part… as we’re gonna need such fantasy…

The fact is, this month will be confusing; it’s all in the details that will deftly avoid our comprehension, and we’ll be left with more questions than answers come April…

Our little Rabbit of March is an active soul, jumping here, there and everywhere, with a delicate metal sabre in his hand (Xin aspect) trying to trim things whereas in actuality, it’s like an Edward Scissorhands Energizer Bunny on steroids!


Can we liken this confusion, this turmoil to vaccine deliveries kinda going every which way, except for the way we planned…

Why yes we can ~ oh goodie, you are paying attention ?

Our Rabbit just doesn’t have what it takes to fulfil his duty I’m afraid, and we may need something stronger in our teacups to get through this month ~ just sayin’...

Mobility is the name of the game, as the Rabbit will not be pinned down, facts will evade discovery and clever wording will confuse and yet caress at the same time.

You see, it’s all in those words, in the pizzazz and sparkle, with a clever ‘slight of hand…’ then poof, just like the proverbial Cheshire Cat ~ it’s gone.

What was I saying…?


Try to find a comfortable spot where you can retreat and make your own cup of tea so you may digest the occurrences and decide for yourself.

I expect some delectable naughtiness with a rambunctious Rabbit in the mix… oh my, some sexy scandals may come to light.

Possibly a powerful figure (or two) will have their hands caught in furry handcuffs, and it will be entertaining to watch them schmooze their way out of such boudoir antics…

Alas, it won’t be playboy bunnies ~ some of this goes way beyond a mansion, housecoat and fluffy tails…

Now let’s move into some Feng Shui and highlight two fab areas in your home for favourable outcomes this month!

  • West ~ LOVE this one, it’s all about recognition and accreditation, with maybe a raise thrown in for good measure ~ woohoo ~ look at you go!
  • North ~ this area is great for real estate and developing forward-thinking opportunities. May take some long meetings to work out, but the potential is there, so push it through.

Time to balance this out, which areas are best to avoid in my home Sam?

  • Southeast ~ Um… could be an issue with taxes, very likely a contractual hiccup and you may find relationships take a negative turn ~ avoid important discussions in this area please!
  • East ~ not a great area all around this year for a few reasons, and this month, likely to see some arguing, complaints and interference from others.

Keep in mind, you may not be able to avoid an area I speak to ~ I get that 100%. All I ask is that you become aware of the energy influence of the areas I share, and do what you can in real time ok.

Alrighty, let’s move into our horoscopes (CLICK HERE FOR YOUR CHART) and see who interacts with whom.

Now you have your chart, look to the animals in the bottom row, as that’s what I’m referencing next. Do you have:

A Rooster ~ Ok, well, truth be told, you’re gonna face some issues this month, probably a roadblock and oh heck, let’s throw in a refusal of some kind while we’re at it ?‍♀️ … I know, doesn’t sound fun, but guess what ~ you can overcome this quite easily by understanding you may have to pivot and change direction on something you had planned. See, that wasn’t so bad was it.

A Dragon ~ Umm ~ not a fan of this interaction, as I have an active Dragon in my chart, and know this one only too well…? Emotionally it’s gonna be a bit of a low blow, definitely an up and down month and we have to ride this one out, no short cuts I’m afraid. We will feel like it’s not fair (it likely isn’t..) but we have no choice but to follow through.

A Rat ~ It’s no fun dealing with a Self-Penalty and this one could cause some major issues… I know you want to throw the towel in, you want to walk away and start anew… Well, you may be able to do that, I’m not sure of your exact circumstance, but I will ask you to carefully consider what you are about to do…

Do you really want to do it…?

If the carefully considered answer is ‘yes‘ then go for it… no half measures, you have to commit to this one all the way!

A Horse ~ Are you trying to set some new habits, break a negative cycle…? I ask because I have a Horse, and that’s exactly my focus right now, and I’m pretty sure you are the same. For this month, you have to be prepared to literally break something apart so you can restructure it, because if you do exactly that, you can handle this destructive interaction in a positive way.

A Dog ~ Definitely a year of growth, and this month helps you take it up a notch, so jump right in and follow-up on all the leads you have as yes, they are going to fulfill! You’ll see that people literally want to meet you, talk to you, and just be with you, so enjoy that… all the way to the bank!

What I share with you here, is to give you the advantage as trust me, we all need a little heads-up to get ahead! I have a birth chart possibly similar to yours, and it’s not an angelic one let me tell you, so anytime I can find a positive way to work with what’s coming at me ~ I’m all in!

Let’s not forget that March is all the wonderful things we dream of too ~ Spring is springing, birds are singing and chocolate easter eggs are in the stores (thank goodness right!)

Spring never fails to put a spring in my step and give me a boost to keep moving, and I hope you can see the sunlight at the end of the tunnel here.

You know I don’t sugarcoat things, I kinda let it rip, mistakes ‘an all, as I feel it’s best to speak openly and level the energetic playing field as best I can.

2021 is not a cake-walk, no amount of easter eggs, daffodils or cherry blossoms can offset where we are.

But… and yes, I use that dreaded word ‘but’… it does beckon new growth, emerging ideas, brightness where there once was dark, and the chance to begin anew.

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, I’m pretty sure it’s the chance to begin anew ~ so how about we do that this month ok.

I know you got this, I love watching you go, so go for it!

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By Sam Plovie

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